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Travel Channel Sweepstakes 2024

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Introducing the Travel Channel Sweepstakes Giveaways

The Travel Channel sweepstakes are becoming well known for their popular giveaways. They are themed according to the topic of travel, although most offer cash prizes to the winners.

During this article, we’ll examine some of the latest sweepstakes on offer and explore how they fare when compared to other popular sweepstakes events.

4 top benefits of the Travel Channel sweepstakes events

  • Easy to enter
  • No purchase required
  • One entry per day allowed
  • Cash prize given
Sponsor: Discovery Communications LLC
230 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003
Regulated by (US Law)

What are the Travel Channel sweepstakes?

Since this is a travel-themed channel, you’d expect their sweepstakes to follow the same theme, and they do. The most recent one has a winter theme to suit the time of year. However, in the most recent examples on offer on their site, the prize is given to the winner as a check. The latest sweepstake offers a prize of $10,000 as advertised on their site.

Which kinds of sweepstakes are on offer?

Expect a strong travel theme for all the sweepstakes appearing on their website. However, the prizes usually come as cash amounts, as you’ll see in the details given below. This gives you plenty of leeway on what you’d like to do with the prize should you hold the entry that is picked as the winner.

New Year New Destination Giveaway

This sweepstakes event began just before Christmas and runs through until early February 2023, so get your entries in fast if it’s still running when you read this. The winner will receive a check for $10,000 to spend however they wish.

The Travel Channel’s Winter Wanderland Giveaway

The Winter Wanderland giveaway – yes, they did spell it as wander and not wonder, to tie in with the travel theme – has now ended. It was promoted using a snowy scene, inspiring the chance for the winner to book a winter getaway. The event finished before Christmas in 2022, so the winner has now been chosen, but you can see there are other events to enter now instead.

Did you know they also promote sister site giveaways?

You’ll find the latest Travel Channel sweepstakes on their official website as you’d expect. However, they also link out to some of their sister sites, also run by the same parent company. 

You can find details of the latest sweepstakes on each of those sites on the same page. Here’s three of the best handpicked events currently available, providing details of each and information about the available prizes.

Event Name Prize
The Dream Home Giveaway via HGTV One prize consisting of a luxe Colorado home, $100,000, and a new SUV (or a cash prize alternative to all the above if selected instead)
Dream It True weekly via HGTV Home One prize per week during the event – each prize consists of a $500 Lowe’s gift card
Cook Up Your Dream Kitchen via Food Network One prize consisting of a $5,000 Wayfair gift card

Our Travel Channel sweepstakes review: Is it really possible to win prizes?

Here’s some good news to start this section of our review – you really can win Travel Channel sweepstakes if your entry is the one chosen to receive the prize on offer. Of course, the Travel Channel is popular and their sweepstakes are publicized to plenty of people. This means they attract lots of entries. It can be confirmed that their sweepstakes are legit and people do collect the prizes on offer.

It makes sense to do all you can to max out your chances of being one of those winners. WHere are some tips below to help you do just that.

Enter as many sweepstakes as you can

Our best tip for entering sweepstakes is to enter each one and then forget about it. The Travel Channel usually has a couple going on at any time, but as noted earlier in this article, they have sister sites running their own sweepstakes too. You can get a lot of entries to other sweepstakes if you check on those at the same time. 

Some people find it useful to use a diary or calendar to keep track of entries and deadlines for entering. You can also use something like this to make a note of the prize draw dates. You’re then able to double check your emails on those dates for each sweepstakes event you enter.

Enter each sweepstake as often as you can

Travel Channel often allows each entrant to enter each event once a day. If the event is in association with another website, you might be able to enter once daily on that site as well. As always, these details will be confirmed in the terms and conditions or rules for the event. Many people don’t always realize they can make multiple entries, so if you always make sure you do, you’re ahead of the single-entry people involved in the sweepstakes.

The odds are still going to be long, but if you employ all the tactics and tips you can, while staying within the rules, you know you’ve done all you can to be in with a chance of a prize.

Set up an email address just for sweepstakes entries

Make sure your junk folder settings aren’t too strict for this, either. Some sweepstakes providers – including the Travel Channel – offer a daily reminder email to prompt you to get that daily entry in before you forget. Aside from that, you can also focus on this email address to check through it in case you do manage to win one of the available prizes at some stage. It’s easy to lose track of a single important email if you’re using a main email address to receive the notifications. It could even go into junk mail and be lost there. 

The sites running sweepstakes tend to have a few days set as the limit for responding to a winning email like this. The last thing anyone would want is to win something and not realize until it’s too late.

Adopt a strategy for entering sweepstakes

It’s sensible to make a list of all the best sites for sweepstakes – something this guide can help you with thanks to our in-depth reports and guidance on Travel Channel sweepstakes and those from other sources too.

Our checklist to help improve your odds

You can see how the above tips should help to reduce the odds in your favor, especially if you’re going to start entering multiple sweepstakes. To boost your chances further, use this checklist:

  • Have you read all the rules before entering?
  • Do you know how many entries you can make?
  • Can you make any bonus entries, i.e., via social media?
  • Have you filled in the entry form correctly?
  • Have you signed up for email reminders to enter each day?

All these tiny elements can come together to give you the best chance of picking up a prize at some stage, even though there are never any guarantees.

Are you ready to make a Travel Channel sweepstakes entry?

When you visit the Travel Channel sweepstakes page, you’ll see a list of all the current live events you can enter. An awesome feature of this page was that it clearly indicated when a sweepstakes event had ended. It says just that underneath the title for the event.

If you’re interested in taking part in something that is still live, you’ll see the basic details underneath the heading. You can click or tap on the heading to go through to the entry form, depending on whether you’re on a computer or a mobile device.

Follow this simple process to get your entry in:

  • Switch to the rules tab to read those first
  • Switch back to the entry tab and enter your email address
  • Select ‘begin entry’ and go through the rest of the process to complete your details

There’s nothing complicated about the process – just make sure you get all your details entered correctly. They divide the entry form into several pages to make it easier. You can also opt to receive emails from them – and one of those is a daily email with reminders to enter the sweepstakes. This makes it easier to get that daily entry in to maximize your chances.

Examining the rules for the Travel Channel sweepstakes

Wherever you enter any sweepstakes, even at new sweeps cash casinos, you first need to be aware of the rules in place. Upon the examination of the rules for two or three separate sweepstakes on their website, its been found that they’re identical for the most part – although you should still read every word for each event in case there are a few alterations you might otherwise miss.

There is an easy path to finding the rules – just visit the entry page for the Travel Channel sweepstakes you wish to enter. You can then see another tab labeled RULES next to the ENTER tab you are on. Select it to read the full set of rules for the sweepstakes event.

The basic rules are provided at the top of the relevant page, but you can continue down to read all the numbered points given. Many people have common queries about the rules of a sweepstakes event. Here are some of the answers to those questions in the table below:

Are you required to purchase anything? No – all entries are treated as equal provided they adhere to the rules.
Do purchases increase your chances of winning? No.
Is there a minimum age to participate? Yes – you must be at least 21 years of age.
How many entries can you make? One entry per day (per website, if you can enter on more than one site, as per the rules).
Can all Americans enter? Residents of 50 states and DC can enter.
Do you need to pay tax on the prize if you win? Yes – the winner receives a 1099 form to complete and must pay all applicable Federal, state, and local taxes on the prize.

Are the Travel Channel sweepstakes legit when compared to other sweepstakes events?

You don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of any sweepstakes organized by the Travel Channel. It’s run as part of the Warner Bros Discover group of channels, so you can see you’re in safe hands. There are other sweepstakes you can enter elsewhere too though. These are listed below to compare them to those available on the Travel Channel site.

Jeopardy sweepstakes

The Jeopardy sweepstakes tend to be big and memorable. The most recent one involved an eight-day expedition to Alaska for the winners, with 10 prizes on offer throughout the event.

Food Network sweepstakes

Could you soon make a tasty Food Network sweepstakes entry? Yes, it’s possible, and they tend to have a couple of events running at the same time. They’re currently offering a Dream Home Giveaway along with a Fresh New Year sweeps prize.

BHG sweepstakes

BHG stands for Better Homes and Gardens, so there’s no need to wonder, are BHG sweepstakes real. The way each event ties into some aspect of the home is admirable, whether that involves a cash prize for a kitchen revamp or a chance to clear your bills.

QVC sweepstakes

Are QVC sweepstakes legit if you don’t find any on their website at present? Yes, they are, although they don’t continually run them like some other sites on this list do. Previous events have given away KitchenAid prize packages, gift cards, and various merchandise.

HGTV sweepstakes

Home to the Dream Home sweepstakes annual event, millions of people make an HGTV sweepstakes entry every year for this and other events. Other prizes include gift cards for various outlets and cash in the form of a check.

PCH sweepstakes

Few people ask are PCH sweepstakes real because they’re linked to the famous Publishers Clearing House. If you want a steady ongoing source of sweeps events to enter, don’t miss their website. They offer many cash prizes worth $10,000, along with some bigger ones too.

Travel Channel sweepstakes are well worth entering

Travel Channel sweepstakes often only have one or two live sweeps events to enter at one time. There’s also plenty of competition as people try to get the winning entry. However, the prizes are excellent, with $10,000 up for grabs on most occasions to help fund a dream vacation. They’re also clear with their rules – always useful – and it couldn’t be simpler to enter. 

You can also make multiple entries, providing you follow all the rules. It’s always sensible to enter sweepstakes that are backed by a famous brand. Everyone knows the Travel Channel, and while the odds of winning are long, they certainly provide lots of inspiration for that next vacation for the fortunate winner.

Travel Channel Sweepstakes FAQ

How many Travel Channel sweepstakes are there?

The Travel Channel regularly runs a series of sweepstake events for people to enter. The number on offer can vary, so the best thing to do is to check the latest events on their official website to see what’s available.

How do I enter the Travel Channel sweepstakes?

If you’ve spotted a Travel Channel sweepstakes event that looks promising, you should find complete rules and instructions along with it. Different sweepstakes events may have different rules, but you will begin your entry by adding your email address and then moving to the next stage before completing the process.

What is the latest Travel Channel giveaway?

The latest event is the New Year New Destination giveaway, offering a prize of $10,000 to the winner. Full details of how to enter are on their official website.

How do I find out who won the Travel Channel sweepstakes?

You can check the list of previous sweepstakes winners by visiting the Travel Channel website. Look for the winners list to see the winning names for each of the contests.

Where is the latest sweepstakes list for the Travel Channel?

There is an official page at the Travel Channel website that gives all the relevant info for their sweepstakes. This includes a list of all the live sweeps events currently available to enter.

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