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WebSweeps Reviews 2024

Websweeps: Up to 50% refill bonus

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  • Encouraging bonuses
  • Wide range of game selection
  • Colorful website
  • Clear information about the bonuses on the website
  • No registration page
  • No contact options
  • No terms and conditions

Is Websweeps Legit & Safe?

Websweeps is the new kid on the social casino block. It looks promising, with its many games, bonuses and immersive user experience. With over 500+ games across different genres, players will find it hard to get bored on this platform.

In our Websweeps review we’ll tell you about its pros and cons, legality, promotions, and bonuses. This article also explores the site’s payment options and operational mechanisms and includes a selection of alternative casinos for comparison.
AddressNot available on the site
Welcome bonus100.00 FUN
OwnerNot available on the site
LicenseNot available on the site

What is Websweeps?

Websweeps is a free online social gaming platform with over 500 games under different themes. Here, players use a virtual currency called FUN to play predominantly slot-themed games, followed by shooter and fish games. The site is accessible via desktops and all mobile devices, with an app developed only for Android systems.

Websweeps afford players the experience of playing at a realistic casino without spending real money. It allows players to focus on the games themselves to get much fun and adventure without breaking the bank.

If you are still wondering if Websweeps is legit, the site is authorized to offer sweepstakes contests in most states in the US. Though no terms and conditions are displayed on the site yet, it is best to follow the legal age allowed for playing in sweepstakes casinos, which in some states is 21 years and in others 18 years.

Since it holds no contact info on the official website, you might also wonder if Websweeps is safe. From all indications, it looks arguably safe. Your sessions on the site would most likely not be saved unless you are using it on mobile, but it shows no harm. Other Websweeps reviews also suggest the site is safe.

How to play at Websweeps

To play at Websweeps, simply click on any game of your choice. The next page will direct you to pick a setup or go ahead with the quick start. Whichever you pick will take you to the game interface, where you get instructions before playing the game with your virtual currency.

Create an account with Websweeps

WebSweeps SignUp

Immediately you get into the Websweeps website, you are automatically signed in as a guest and are given a unique I.D. number. There is no avenue for creating an account or signing up on the website. You can access the website either on your phone or on a desktop.

Websweeps login

WebSweeps Login

On the Websweeps home page, there is a login button right underneath the Websweeps logo (for mobile users) or by the far right top corner of the screen for desktop users. You will be directed to input your login and password when you click the login button. After putting the correct login details and clicking the login button, you should be signed into the platform as a user.

Admittedly, finding the page for registering or creating an account on the site is hard. Without signing in, it would not be possible to have login details. Because the site is pretty new, we cannot entirely hold this against them. 

With time, they might eventually set the sign-in button and any other hard-to-find but important feature in the right places where they will be easily accessible to players.  

Websweeps verification process

Social casinos often do not place account verification as a mandatory activity. However, when it comes to redeeming a prize, verification is often needed. The verification aims to ensure you are playing in a non-restricted region and are a real person. Depending on the casino, the verification process can take a few hours to a few days and often involves sending your address and I.D. by email to the casino.

While Websweeps shares major characteristics with social and sweepstakes casinos, there is no sign of a verification process on the site yet. Verification is unnecessary since no prize or payout can be redeemed or withdrawn. In some months or a few years, we could see the verification feature come to life on the site to reward loyal players.

Websweeps promotions

Online casinos usually run promotions as part of their welcome package for new players and as a reward for loyal players. Some casinos give promo codes which you can use to claim a good bonus. Websweeps offers a number of promotions which you can view details about on the ‘MY BONUSES’ page on the website.

It is not certain if there is a Websweeps login bonus available or not. The closest thing to a login bonus is the Cashback Bonus. The Cashback bonus automatically gives you 25% of your initial refill when your balance is under a dollar. In addition, if you refill between 18.00 and 21.00 EST, you will get 50% of your initial refill as a bonus. To get the bonus, you simply have to be logged into the platform. 

Websweeps no deposit bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a bonus casinos give players for completing tasks that don’t require them to make a purchase. Websweeps gives guests and new players a Websweeps no-deposit bonus of 100.00 FUN which they can use to explore the many game options on the website. The bonus has no restrictions and does not expire.

Promo codes

Promo codes are used in sweepstakes casinos to sweeten the deal on bonuses. Some promo codes are only for new players, often increasing the number of virtual currencies they get to start playing on the platform. While existing players also get Websweeps promo codes that give them certain bonuses as a reward for their loyalty.

Though it is unclear if Websweeps have promo codes for players, it could most definitely pop up in the future. As the site will have some upgrades soon, we can only expect promo codes to be a part of that upgrade.

Free sweeps

All social casinos replace real money with virtual currencies. Some have up to two currencies, one for playing games in standard mode and another (often called sweepstakes coins) for playing the games in a promotional mode or for a prize.

Websweeps has only one currency – FUN. It does not seem to have the same characteristics as a sweepstakes currency since it cannot be used to redeem a prize. As such, it is safe to say that they do not offer Websweeps free sweeps. However, it is common to see casinos with just one non-redeemable currency or no potential for winning a prize. The main goal of online social casinos is to provide you with much fun, which Websweeps presents.

Free spins

Most social casinos give free spins to players to use to play the games without spending any of their virtual currencies. They sometimes come as a part of the no deposit bonus package, letting new players get acquainted with the casino without making payment.

On Websweeps, players automatically get two free spins for every dollar they spend on refills. To redeem the Websweeps free spins, your FUN balance must be a number of times greater than your free spins winnings plus your initial balance. 

For instance, if you refill $20 and win $30, your free spins win will be added to your new balance, i.e. $20 + $20. When redeeming, you get ($20 + $20) x6), which is $240. The multiplier x6 depends on the amount you spend on a refill. Below are the multipliers for the refill packages available.

Refill amountWager multiplier

How does Websweeps work?

Websweeps’ method of operation is pretty straightforward. When you enter the platform, you are automatically given guest status and qualify for a Websweeps sweepstake bonus of 100.00 FUN. The game collection is on the first page, so you only need to scroll down to select the game you want to play. The games are all arranged in alphabetical order to make it easy for players.

You can pick an option from the menu overhead if you doubt which one to play. From this menu, you can check out which games are popular or choose from one of the themes to see all the games available in that genre.

After making your choice of game, simply follow the prompt to play. The prompts might differ for each game, but they remain simple and easy to understand. The games themselves have rules, which are explained before you start playing.

Does Websweeps pay real money?

As a general rule, social casinos do not pay real money to players. They comply with US sweepstakes laws. They aim to replicate the workings of an online casino without players staking real money.

You cannot win real money on Websweeps in compliance with sweepstakes regulations. You can only win virtual currency, free spins and other bonuses, which you can use in the games. That notwithstanding, Websweeps is a very real and operational online social casino. 

How to win money on Websweeps

Winning real money on Websweeps is currently impossible at the time of writing this Websweeps review. Notwithstanding, you still experience the same adventure and thrill as you would at a real money casino without spending any money.

Websweeps payment methods

The promotions and daily bonuses are usually enough for players’ needs. However, if you run out of virtual currencies to play with, you can always purchase some. For Websweeps, it isn’t clear what payment methods are available. However, for users of the Websweeps app, it is expected that you would be able to pay via Google Playstore.

Payment methodFeesTransfer time
Google PlaystoreInstant

Websweeps payout Review

This Websweeps review will not be complete if we do not consider if the casino offers payouts from the player’s wins. The following paragraphs provide answers.

Does Websweeps really pay?

As we’ve already established in this Websweeps review, Websweeps does not provide any kind of payout because it is a social casino. That doesn’t imply that Websweeps isn’t legit or safe. They just keep everything fun and games.

How to cashout on Websweeps

There is nothing to cash out from Websweeps as they do not offer real money payments.

Websweeps Withdrawal

You cannot withdraw real money from Websweeps because the platform does not support using real money to play.

Games at Websweeps

Websweeps major strength lies in its large game offerings. The games include shooter games, slot games and fish games. Players can choose from different themes, including Irish, Halloween and Egyptian. All the slots are developments from Websweeps’ in-house game developer InBet. Though all the slot games are from only one developer, Websweeps is still legit and compliant.

Does Websweeps have an app?

Yes, there is a Websweeps app. The app is only available on Android operating systems. You should use the app as it gives a better and more personalized experience than the website.

Websweeps customer support

Websweeps is yet to update the website to include its customer support contact information. As such, there is no customer support available for Websweeps at the time of writing.

Website design

The Websweeps website keeps things simple and welcoming. The website’s friendly interface makes it easy for new players to navigate the site comfortably, with the games at the forefront of attention. It is accessible on desktop and all mobile devices.

Who owns Websweeps

The lack of information on the site makes it difficult to know who owns Websweeps.

How to delete Websweeps account

At the time of this writing, there isn’t an avenue for account creation on the website, making it impossible to ascertain how to delete a Websweeps account. Hopefully, in the near future, they will have fixed this issue.

How to chose your perfect Sweepstakes Casino

Here are some key factors to consider for the best sweepstakes casino.

Game selection

The more games a casino has, the more fun you’ll have trying the different challenges. Look for a casino with a game selection that matches your personal preferences.

Offers and free sweeps

Everyone loves a good deal. Find a casino with the best deals and bonuses, especially for their no-deposit and login bonuses.

Cash prizes

If you want a payout at the end of the day, check out sweepstakes casinos with this feature. Some sweepstakes casinos do offer players the chance to redeem their winnings for alternative prizes.

Is an app available

If you enjoy playing casino games on the go, finding an app compatible with your phone’s operating system is best. With a stable internet connection, you could continue from where you stopped without hassle, anywhere.


A social casino is all about the fun, and Websweeps delivers on this. It obeys the US laws for social and sweepstakes casinos, which makes it legit. There is little information on creating an account with them, but future upgrades might improve this. 

WebSweeps Reviews 2024 FAQ

💰 What is the no-deposit bonus at Websweeps casino?

Websweeps offers a no-deposit bonus to help you get started with the games. Check out our Websweeps reviews to know what the bonus is.

🦺 Is a safe site?

Websweeps operates in almost all U.S. states. Read our Websweeps reviews for information about its safety.

📲 Can I download the Websweeps app on iPhone? is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Check out our guide to see if the app is available for Apple devices.

🤑 How long does it take to get paid from Websweeps?

Websweeps is a sweepstakes casino and is bound by US laws relating to how it operates.  Discover more about how this works in our Websweeps review.

👏Can Websweeps be trusted?

Websweeps is compliant with US laws for social and sweepstakes casinos. Read our Websweeps review to see how trusted the platform is.

Up to 50% refill bonus

Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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