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Jackpot Planet Reviews 2024

Several no-deposit bonuses!

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  • It offers a downloadable app for Android users
  • Decent game variety with 100+ slots
  • Several no-deposit bonuses
  • Accessible in all US states
  • No app for iOS users
  • No website access
  • Limited range of table games/li>

Is Jackpot Planet Legit?

Jackpot Planet is one of the latest sweepstakes casinos from Wgames Inc. It offers over 100 free slots and several unique slot tournaments. Currently, the casino is only available as an Android app.

In this Jackpot Planet review, our specialists list the social casino’s pros and cons, discuss its legality and safety, highlight how to download and play its games and outline its promotions. At the end of the article, we’ll also provide tips for choosing the best online casino and give a few alternatives to the Jackpot Planet sweepstakes casino.

Address 1209 N Orange St Wilmington, DE, 19801-1120 United States
Welcome Bonus N/A
Owner  Wgames Inc
License  N/A

While the casino business dates back to the 1600s, social casinos are a relatively new concept. During this Jackpot Planet review, we discovered the oldest sweepstakes casinos have barely operated for two decades. That explains the existence of gray areas in the regulation and legislation of such casinos. Because of this, it’s understandable that you’d want to confirm Jackpot Planet’s legality before playing its games.

Also, we live in the information age. Data in the present-day world is more valuable than oil. Unfortunately, several malicious characters masquerade as free sweepstakes casinos, only to siphon and resell user data. Sometimes, these cyber attackers can use such sites to steal credit card credentials and make Illegal payments. Worse still, they can dupe you into clicking malicious links that install spyware on your devices.

All these risks justify why most new social casino players are skeptical about how casino apps or sites collect, use, store, and process their data. You’re not alone. One question we identified in most online Jackpot Planet reviews is — Is Jackpot Planet legal and safe? 

The simple answer is yes; Jackpot Planet operates legally in almost all US states. Regarding safety, we found no worrying complaints or reports about the casino’s misuse of players’ data. So, we assume it’s not one of those malicious data-mining sites. 

In this Jackpot Planet review, we also checked the casino’s privacy policy and terms and conditions. These documents did not offer much on Jackpot Planet’s safety and legality. However, we noted the casino doesn’t store or process sensitive user data, such as credit card credentials. Your financial service provider handles the entire transaction when you purchase coin packages to win free coins on this app. So, you don’t have to worry about a vulnerable Jackpot Planet database that the bad guys can compromise to steal your data.

We cannot conclude this section of the Jackpot Planet review without discussing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The federal government enacted this law in 2006 to compel all online casino providers to allow free access to their game catalogs. Some experts say it immensely contributed to the rise of social casinos in the US. As several money-oriented casinos closed down because they couldn’t stay compliant, free-play sweepstakes casinos became a popular alternative.

So, does Jackpot Planet comply with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act? Yes, it does. The app allows free access to all its games, making it fully compliant with the Act. Also, it doesn’t offer real money gambling. We’ll discuss more about this in subsequent sections of this Jackpot Planet review.

While we established that safety and privacy might not be an issue at the Jackpot Planet casino, you should not throw caution to the wind. Be careful with the information you share on this app, especially through its social communication features. The casino’s terms and conditions state that Wgames Inc will not assume liability for the loss or corruption of user data on the Jackpot Planet platform. Also, we found no clear policy on the casino’s rights to sell or transfer account credentials and playing histories to third parties.

What is Jackpot Planet?

Jackpot Planet is a sweepstakes casino app offering slots, slot tournaments, and table games. It belongs to Wgames Inc, the developer of Neverland Casino Online Slots.

This sweepstakes casino is accessible via an Android app. Currently, it’s not available to iOS users. Also, you cannot access it through the web. We found this awkward because most social casinos offer web access and have apps compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Jackpot Planet is inarguably locking out several players who would love to access it but lack Android mobile devices. However, don’t worry — we’ll discuss later in this Jackpot Planet review how to download and play the casino’s games on your desktop.

As outlined above, Jackpot Planet complies fully with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act’s free-play requirement. You don’t need real money to access its game selection. Instead, when you complete its casino games on time, you can win bonuses that enable you to play more. 

Our Jackpot Planet review team also identified that the casino doesn’t offer real money stakes. Its virtual credits have no monetary value. Therefore, you cannot withdraw your winnings as in a land-based real-money casino. The absence of real money gaming notwithstanding, Jackpot Planet offers an immersive gaming experience. It might be a perfect option for new or experienced casino players who want to hone their skills or experience the thrill of playing casino-like games without staking their hard-earned cash.

Is Jackpot Planet legit or a scam? Yes; Jackpot Planet is a legit, legal, and safe social casino. It’s been operational since October 2020. Does the casino have an age limit? Yes, it’s only available to adults above 18 years. However, you must be over 21 in some states to access the app. Similarly, other states allow minors above 13 years to play the casino’s games as long as they can prove they have parental consent.

How to play at Jackpot Planet

In this section of the Jackpot Planet review, our experts take you through installing this app, creating an account, and playing its games. Before writing, we tried Jackpot Planet free-play modes. Therefore, the step-by-step guide below is based on our first-hand experience.

1. Create an account with Jackpot Planet

Jackpot Planet is an Android game. Before creating an account, install the app from Google Play Store or through third-party sites like AprPure and ApkMirror. However, we don’t recommend the latter because some third-party apps have pre-installed spyware and malicious bugs. The best option is to download the app directly from Google Play Store. 

If you can’t access Google Play Store, ensure you’ve configured your device to allow the installation of apps from third-party websites before downloading the Jackpot Planet app. To do so:

  • Open Menu
  • Click Settings
  • Select Security
  • Check Unknown sources to enable the installation of apps from third-party sites

After downloading the app, check it under .apk files in your phone’s Downloads folder. Usually, it should install itself without manual input. If not, click the .apk file and select Install. This process should take more than five minutes if you have reliable internet.

Based on the online Jackpot Planet reviews we checked, any US citizen above 18 (or 21 in some states) can sign up at Jackpot Planet Casino. The app has a standard signup procedure that takes barely three minutes. After downloading the app, enter your basic information to play immediately. You can also sign up with your social media profiles. We recommend the latter if you intend to play alongside your online friends in Jackpot Planet’s slot tournaments.

Can you play Jackpot Planet if you’ve traveled outside the US? Again, based on online Jackpot Planet reviews, yes; you can. However, you must have a VPN connection to access the game outside the US. Also, ensure you meet the above legal requirements before creating an account.

We advise against using free VPNs. We know how tempting it might be to use free VPNs to access Jackpot Planet outside the US. Everybody loves free things. However, do not let your freebies extend beyond Jackpot Planet’s game catalog. Several free VPNs belong to malicious hacker groups that mine user data, exposing you to the risk of a data breach. A standard VPN will cost you approximately $10 per month, which is reasonable considering you won’t pay for the games. If you don’t have a VPN budget, you can use the free Chrome VPN extension.

2. Jackpot Planet casino login

If you already have a Jackpot Planet website, you don’t have to enter your details whenever you open the app. Instead, the casino will automatically sign you in. If you forgot your password, click Forgot password in the sign-up menu. Jackpot Planet will send a password reset code or link to your registered email address. Again, this process is straightforward and takes barely three minutes.

3. Jackpot Planet verification process

If you’re a regular casino player with considerable experience in real-money casinos, you know how stringent verification processes can be, especially during payouts. And reasonably so — real money casino players stake hard-earned cash and withdraw fiat money. 

Jackpot Planet is a social casino. It doesn’t use real money, like other sweepstakes casinos. Instead, it uses virtual currency, and its games are primarily for fun. You can only use real cash on this app when buying coin packages to win free coins. However, even then, your financial service provider handles the entire transaction.

Because of the free-play and virtual currency model, Jackpot Planet’s verification process is more relaxed. All new players do is enter personal details and create strong passwords, and they’re good to go. The only time you might require verification is when resetting your password. As outlined above, the password reset is equally straightforward and takes under three minutes.

While verification is generally more relaxed, Wgames Inc reserves the right to impose a more stringent verification process if they suspect you gave wrong details. They can ask you to submit your government-issued ID or proof of location. However, such cases are rare. 

4. Jackpot Planet promotions

What’s the most crucial factor when looking for the best sweepstakes casino? For most players, it’s the availability of promotions and bonuses. Unfortunately, our Jackpot Planet review team found very lean information on the casino’s bonus offers.

5. Jackpot Planet login bonus

Almost every US social casino has a login bonus. For example, when you open Double Down Casino’s website, you’ll first notice a banner inviting you to sign up and win 1 million free chips. Login bonuses help sweepstakes casinos comply with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act by giving new players free credits to kick-start their gaming experiences.

Unfortunately, we found no information on the Jackpot Planet login bonus. Some reviews alluded to a welcome bonus that gives new players free coins, but none had concrete evidence.

6. Jackpot Planet no deposit bonus

The casino offers several opportunities to win free credits without depositing real money. Most notably, you can collect hundreds of virtual coins by completing specific missions in the casino. For example, new players can unlock more free slots by successfully traveling around the US map and performing different tasks. You don’t require Jackpot Planet no-deposit promo codes to win these bonuses.

7. Jackpot Planet promo codes

Casino promo codes offer a perfect opportunity to replenish your piggy banks in sweepstakes casinos without using real money. They can enhance your gaming experience by enabling you to win more free credits. However, sometimes these codes expire before you can use them. Worse still, several online cons sell expired promo codes to unsuspecting gamers. Fortunately, you don’t require Jackpot Planet promo codes to win free coins on this app.  

8. Jackpot Planet free sweeps

Most US social casinos offer free sweeps. Unfortunately, we found no solid evidence of Jackpot Planet free sweeps. The casino is still new. We hope it will offer these promotions as it develops and gains more players.

9. Jackpot Planet free spins

You can access Jackpot Planet free spins through the Daily Bonus Wheel. Registered players can spin this wheel twice daily to win free coins. 

How does Jackpot Planet work?

Jackpot Planet is a social casino that allows free access to all its games. It’s accessible through an Android app. Its users create accounts, complete missions, and win free casino bonuses. Wgames In launched the game in 2020. So, it’s a relatively new casino with a long way to go.

Does Jackpot Planet pay real money?

There’s no Jackpot Planet real money option. The app offers casino games primarily for amusement. It uses virtual credits without monetary value.

How to win money at Jackpot Planet 

You cannot win money at Jackpot Planet. The social casino doesn’t offer real money stakes.

Jackpot Planet payment methods

While Jackpot Planet has a free-play policy, players can purchase extra coin packages. To do so, you require a Play account. Below are the accepted payment methods.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Wire Transfers
  • Transit cards
  • Escrow payments like PayPal
  • MoneyGram
  • Bank Transfers
  • Western Union
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Virtual Credit Cards (VCC)

In our Jackpot Planet review, we tried the casino’s free play modes. So, we cannot substantiate the time it takes to process purchases or payment rates. 

Jackpot Planet payout review

Does Jackpot Planet offer payouts? Below is a detailed answer:

Does Jackpot Planet really pay

As highlighted several times in this Jackpot Planet sweepstakes review, the casino doesn’t offer payouts. Its games are purely for fun.

How to cash out on Jackpot Planet

You cannot cash out on Jackpot Planet. The social casino’s virtual currency has no monetary value.

Jackpot Planet withdrawal

Usually we highlight the withdrawal process in this section. However, Jackpot Planet doesn’t have one because it doesn’t offer payouts.

Games at Jackpot Planet

Jackpot Planet doesn’t have as many games as traditional social casinos. However, its 100+ slots are immersive and well-designed. The app also offers a few table games, including roulette, one poker variant, and baccarat. Some of the slots we enjoyed playing in this casino include 5 Lion Megaways, Wolf Gold, Divine Fortunate, Chili Heat, and Fu Dao Le.

Does Jackpot Planet have an app?

Yes. The Jackpot Planet sweepstakes casino has an Android app. It’s yet to launch an iOS app.

Jackpot Planet customer support

The casino has an extensive FAQs section with in-depth answers to several questions and links to other resources. If you need more help, you can contact Wgames Inc at or through +1 (416) 304 9426. The customer support team usually replies to emails within 24 hours.

Jackpot Planet web design

The game has no web access. It only offers an Android app.

Who owns Jackpot Planet?

Jackpot Planet belongs to Wgames Inc, also known as Neverland Casino in some countries. The company dates back to 2017. Its other games include ARACNIDIUM, Neverland Casino Online Slots, and REAL LIFE OF SOLDIERS.

How to delete your Jackpot Planet account

If you want to delete your Jackpot Planet account, email Wgames Inc at State when and why you want to delete your account and outline your account details. 

Alternatives to Jackpot Planet 

Below are a few reputable alternatives to Jackpot Planet sweepstakes casino:

1. casino has more slots and a broader game selection than Jackpot Planet. It also offers several bonuses. With the code SWEEPSCASH, this casino allows you to win a 5% rakeback on all your losses.

2. Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino offers some amazing bonuses and slots for you to play. It is a great alternative to Jackpot Planet, with comparable bonuses and increased chances to win big.

3. B Spot

B Spot casino prides itself on a resourceful multichannel customer support team. It also has a detailed FAQs section and an active online community.

How to choose the perfect sweepstakes casino

Are you confused between different social casinos? Below are a few factors to help you decide:

Game selection

Select the option offering a vast game selection. The more, the merrier. A broad games catalog allows you to try different challenges on the same platform.

Offers and free coins

The backbone of social casinos is their free-access model. Because of this, a sweepstakes casino that offers more free coins and promotion deals makes a better choice. They provide more opportunities to win free playing time.

Is an app available?

If you love playing casino games on your mobile device, find an option with a mobile app. Ensure the app is compatible with your phone.


Is Jackpot Planet real and legit? Yes, it is. The app offers a decent selection of immersive slots and table games. It could offer more, but there’s room for growth, considering it’s barely two years old. Try Jackpot Planet for a free first-hand experience.

Jackpot Planet Reviews FAQ

🔒 Is Jackpot Planet legal?

Jackpot Planet has been operational in almost all U.S. states since 2020. Read our Jackpot Planet reviews for more information about its legality.

💰 Does Jackpot Planet offer cash prizes?

Jackpot Planet is a social casino. It uses virtual currency. Read our review to discover if you can cash out or redeem its prizes.

📱Can I play Jackpot Planet on my mobile device?

If you love playing casino games on your mobile device,  you need a casino with a mobile app. Learn about Jackpot Planet’s app access in our recent review.

Several no-deposit bonuses!

Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.8 Overall Rating

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