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Golden Casino Vegas Slots Reviews 2024

Golden Casino Vegas Slots 400,000 bonus coins

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  • High orientation towards keeping the details secure
  • Focus on experiential slots
  • Accessible through mobile phones
  • A good welcome bonus
  • Not available on desktop
  • The game list, although lengthy, has only standard games
  • It could have been better with more free slots added to the mix

Is Golden Casino Vegas Slots Legit & Safe?

Golden Casino Vegas Slots is a casino featuring a large selection of slot games to choose from. The casino is said to give users an “old school Vegas slot experience directly through the phone”. How is it capable of delivering that experience? 

In this Golden Casino Vegas Slots review, we take a deep dive into the different offerings of this casino and find out whether the experience it can deliver is worth the price of admission. We also see how the operator works so that you can decide whether you should check this place out.

Address Hong Kong
Welcome bonus 400,000 Gold Coins
Owner Slots Limited

What is Golden Casino Vegas Slots?

Golden Casino Vegas Slots is a sweepstakes casino that offers users an experiential treatment. All the games it has featured are based on old-school Vegas slots that take you through a nostalgic trip into the past where you can try your hand at different slots and secure many points.

This casino is being operated by Slots Limited and is based in Hong Kong. In addition to specialized slots, Golden Casino Vegas Slots also offers an array of regular slot games to which you will gain access as you play games daily and accumulate more points.  That said, the game is only available on mobile phones. However, the app has been designed to make it easy to navigate different options – including the FAQs – and reach out to the customer support team. 

In terms of welcome bonuses, Golden Casino Vegas Slots offers a lot. As a first-time player, you will get access to a hefty welcome bonus just to start playing – and that would be just for opening an app on the mobile phone. And then you will get many rewards when you join up and start playing. 

Overall, Golden Casino Vegas Slots has been created to give anyone who plays a rewarding experience. Everything from the way the games play and the soundtrack feels nostalgic. And the fact that you can get all your queries answered via the app itself is a great plus point. 

How to play at Golden Casino Vegas Slot

It is not difficult to start playing on Golden Casino Vegas Slots. All you need to do is follow a standard step-by-step that we are giving below:  

Create an account with Golden Casino Vegas Slots

The very first step you must fulfill is creating an account on Golden Casino Vegas Slots. Now this step is a bit different than what you are used to. You can go to the Facebook fan page and then look for the link to download the app on your phone. 

Alternatively, you can download the Golden Casino – Slot games from the app store and start the process. You won’t need to create an account straight away, as the welcome bonus will be added for you as soon as you open the app. 

When logging in, you can either use the “Device sign-up” option or connect to the app via your Facebook account. Once you have chosen any of these two options, you will be inducted as a Golden Casino Vegas slot player. 

Golden Casino Vegas Slots login

As we tested the casino for your Golden Casino Vegas Slots review, we found that you don’t need to follow a login route once you have created and connected your account. Once your account is registered and connected, you will need to open the app, and the game will auto-connect you to the website. 

Verification Process

There is no verification process to get access to a payout because the Golden Casino Vegas Slots doesn’t have any real money involved. The support page available via the official app clearly states that no real money prizes are available. All the coins that you gather will be used for in-game purchases only. There is no real money involved or any real prizes. 

Golden Casino Vegas Slots Promotions

Golden Casino Vegas Slots offers a slew of promotions to anyone that starts playing. As soon as you enter the app, you will get 400,000 bonus coins that you can then spend on any of the starting free slots that you can gain access to. Other promotions are as follows:

No deposit bonus

You can consider the first-time bonus as a Golden Casino Vegas Slots login bonus. However, Golden Casino Vegas Slots goes one step ahead and provides bonuses for one week for daily logins. 

  1. For the first day, you will gain 22.5k worth of free coins. 
  2. Logging in for the second day will reward you with 25k bonus coins
  3. On the third day, you will get 27.5k bonus coins
  4. On day 4, you will get 30k bonus coins
  5. Day 5 brings 32.5k bonus coins
  6. Day 6 brings 37.5k bonus coins
  7. And on the final day of the week, you will earn 50k bonus coins.

Promo codes

While Golden Casino Vegas Slots promo codes aren’t available at this time, they are sometimes introduced. It is because Golden Casino introduces new slots weekly, which introduces new bonuses and perks that promo codes aren’t needed as of yet.

Coin Flip Bonus

In the bonus section of the game, you will find that you will also get access to a Coin Flip bonus that allows you entry into a game with prizes worth more than 200k credits. Accessing this bonus, however, does not involve playing but opening treasure chests every day you log in. Opening a certain number of “Jumbo Chests” or “Mini Chests” will allow you to play a Coin Flip. 

Fortune Ball Bonus

After playing multiple Coin Flip Bonus games (3 times), you will get access to the Fortune Ball game. As we went deep into the app for our Golden Casino Vegas Slot review, we found that with Fortune Ball, wins can be 200 times more than Coin Flip. 

Seasonal Bonuses

Golden Casino Vegas Slot’s Facebook fan page gave us the impression that seasonal bonuses are also available. These bonuses introduce festival theme slots with varying payouts and other perks. 

How does Golden Casino Vegas Slots work?

You start the games via the app, and you will get access to bonus coins when you launch the application. You can then jump into any slot games that you are presented with. Some are available right away, while others have to be downloaded. 

And as you play the games and accumulate wins, you get access to level-ups. The more you level up, the more you can access high-tier slot games. 

You can play traditionally and start leveling up the normal way. But you get options like the “Kick Off” special that requires you to play real money to speed up the leveling process. In addition to slots, you also get access to special games, such as Dragon Crush. The goal of that game is to match three gems of the same color to get access to a jackpot. 

Does Golden Casino Vegas Slots pay real money?

No, the Golden Casino Vegas slots offers no real money prizes. It has clearly stated that the casino app is created for entertainment only – to give you that nostalgic feeling that comes with the age-old slot games without payouts. So when you ask is Golden Casino Vegas Slots legit, remember the game itself is about the experience and not about any payouts. 

Golden Casino Vegas Slots payment methods

While no payouts are available on Golden Casino Vegas Slots, you can get a better experience by levelling up quickly, giving you access to many other games to enjoy. For that, the payment methods available to you are as follows. 

  1. Apple Pay
  2. Google Pay
  3. Debit Card
  4. Credit Card

You might not need to deep dive as much into the payment methods. It is because the moment you log in, you will use the payment method connected to your device to buy and sell games or coins available in the game. 

Golden Casino Vegas Slots payout reviews

Golden Casino Vegas slots is a sweepstakes casino that involves bonus coins – virtual currencies. Its entire theme is to provide you with an old-school casino-like experience of slots that you can get lost in. It doesn’t have a payout model because it involves no cash rewards. 

Every bonus coin you earn will be used to enter other bonus games this slot offers. 

Does Golden Casino Vegas Slots offer real money?

Golden Casino Vegas Slot pays bonus coins that you can use to gain access to higher tiers of games with bigger rewards. However, these rewards cannot be cashed out for any prize or real money. 

How to cash out on Golden Casino Vegas Slots?

There is no option for cashing out your wins on the Golden Casino Vegas slots. Everything on the platform is geared towards giving you a nostalgic experience of playing slots, which is why it is favored by over 100k people on Facebook. 

Games at Golden Casino Vegas Slots?

There are a slew of games available on the Golden Casino Vegas slots. However, when it comes to categories, they can be divided into only two. 

Slot Games 

The first category of games that you will encounter on Golden Casino Vegas Slots is slot games. On the first page, you will find eight slot games to pick from. They are Cai Shen 88, Dragon’s Fortune, Vegas Night, Ancient Scarab, Gem Link, Mega Cash, Piggy Bank, and Chillin Al Ente Fiesta. 

The graphics of these games look cool, and the way they are presented is awesome. You are likely to spend a lot of hours playing these slot games alone. 

As you level up in the games, other slot games will be available. These include Cleopatra Mega Wheel and more. 


The only other category of games you would find on the website is Bingo games. But they are far and few in between. You will also encounter some Bingo-themes slot games, which will likely make it difficult to find the right one. If Golden Casino Vegas Slot focused on categorizing the games better, it would be easier to find the right one for you. 

Bonus Games

A bonus game is also available – and it is known as Dragon Crush. It is a timely game that gives you a set number of tries depending on your purchase. The goal of this game is to make a dragon crush an egg. And if you crush three eggs of the same colors, the jackpot is yours. 

Don’t construe this “jackpot” as real money. You will only receive some bonus coins that you can use to play other games this platform offers. 

Does Golden Casino Vegas Slots have an App?

The Golden Casino Vegas slot only has an app. There is no way for you to play any games it offers via desktop. That means it had its work cut out for it when it comes to delivering an optimal experience via a mobile – which it delivers with flying colors. 

Navigating through all the games is easy, and the presentation is beautiful. The only downside is that some of the text is not ergonomic. You might need to squint your eyes when checking out some options. The other option is using a tablet to play. 

Golden Casino Vegas Slots customer support

You can reach out to the customer support team via live chat. However, before the team responds, you must check out the FAQ section; it is quite robust. Also, the response times leave much to be desired. It says you will get a response within 72 hours, but you are less likely to get it within this time limit. 

You can also contact the team via the email –

Website design

We didn’t find any website in our Golden Casino Vegas slots review. The affiliated website – – seems to be still under construction. The app itself, however, looks great. 

Who owns Golden Casino Vegas Slots?

Golden Casino Vegas slots is owned by However, no licensing details are available – which is obvious since Golden Casino Vegas Slots is a sweepstakes casino offering no real cash prizes. 

How to delete a Golden Casino Vegas Slots account

There is no detail available on the app that could directly tell you how to delete your account. Your best option would be to talk to the customer support team via live chat to resolve this matter. 

Alternatives to Golden Casino Vegas Slots

Golden Casino Vegas Slots offers a lot of games that will give you a great experience that you should expect. But if you are looking for alternatives to it, there are out there. 


Are you looking for an option that offers a wider variety of games rather than just slots? Then Betrivers is a good option. It offers a whole bunch of table games like blackjack, roulette and poker, so it’s ideal if you want your gameplay to be a bit more nuanced than slots.

While Golden Casino Vegas Slots has a good bonus for first-time players, you can never have enough bonuses. is a sweepstakes casino platform where you get a free-play bonus, as well as a 5% rakeback bonus on all losses, when you sign up, along with multiple bonuses for loyal players too.

Software Providers

Don’t want your gaming experience to be stale, look for slots with more software providers. Chumba Casino is a good option. With providers like Red Tiger Gaming, Golden Rock Studios, and more, you will always have a refreshing experience when you play on Chumba. 

How to choose your perfect sweepstakes casino

When you are searching for a perfect sweepstakes casino, look for the following factors:

Game selection

There should be plenty of games available at a sweepstakes casino. Even if you encounter a single category of games – which in Golden Casino Vegas Slots would be slots – make sure that a large variety of such games are available. While we can go with the whole “the more, the merrier routine,” sometimes, a few good games are better than a crowd of boring ones. With Golden Casino Vegas Slot, you also get old school favorites like Mighty Lion, Oink Bank, and more. 

Offers and free sweeps

Are you receiving a good bonus when you log in? If you are, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Sweepstakes casinos with large welcome bonuses also have other perks, like free sweeps and spins. So, always look out for them. With Golden Casino Vegas Slots, you get 400,000 bonus coins right off the bat. And as you play and log in daily, more credits, and perks are unlocked. 

Cash prizes

Sweepstakes casinos do not come with cash prizes. And those that do have a way of turning your bonus coins into real prizes. Whether or not you want a real money casino is your choice. And if you are looking for a real money casino, always check out the terms of payouts. 

Is an App available?

Check if the sweepstakes casino is confident enough to provide the gaming experience via a mobile app. If it is, you are in the green. Mobile apps for such casinos often offer a much better experience. Golden Casino Vegas Slots is just an app right now, so has the perfect mobile experience.

Conclusion – is Golden Casino Vegas Slots for you?

Golden Casino Vegas Slots is a good addition to your sweepstakes casino games. The games have a lot of variety, the app is colorful, and the experience is phenomenal. At the same time, you would wish for there to be more variety of games, but that only tells you how beautiful the slot games themselves look. Check it out if you have a few minutes – or hours – to burn on a fun experience.

Golden Casino Vegas Slots Reviews 2024 FAQ

What is Golden Casino Vegas Slots?

Golden Casino Vegas Slots is a sweepstakes casino offering several slot games. Check out this review to learn more about this platform.

Is Golden Casino Vegas Slots a good casino?

Golden Casino Vegas Slots has taken a simplistic approach to bringing retro slot games to mobile phones. But does that make it a good sweepstakes casino? Find out more in our review

Is Golden Casino Vegas Slots playable on any device?

Golden Casino Vegas Slots is a slot game that offers multiple slot games. But is it available on all devices? Find out in our Golden Casino Vegas Slot Review.

400,000 bonus coins

Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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