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DoubleDown Casino Review 2024

Welcome bonus of 1,000,000 coins

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  • User-friendly website and app interface
  • 200+ fun slots
  • Exclusive loyalty programs
  • Good customer support
  • No telephone number for easy contact
  • Users can’t switch accounts to different platforms
  • No 24/7 customer support

Is DoubleDown Casino Legit & Safe?

DoubleDown Casino is inarguably one of the world’s biggest and most popular social casinos. The free online casino has an immersive gaming experience, thanks to its over 200 fun slots, vast game selection, and several bonuses and promotions. 

Read on for a detailed DoubleDown Casino review covering the casino’s pros and cons, legality and safety, verification process, promotions, and bonuses. This article also outlines how the gaming site works, reviews its payment methods, and highlights a few alternative casinos. 

Address505 Union St, Seattle, Washington – Casinos – Yelp
Welcome Bonus1,000,000 coins
Owner DoubleU Games

What is DoubleDown Casino?

DoubleDown Casino is a social gaming site where players use virtual chips to play casino games, such as roulette, slots, poker, and blackjack. The site is accessible via mobile phones, tablets, and computers and dates back to 2010. Initially, DoubleDown Interactive — its developers — only offered it as a Facebook app. However, as the game grew in popularity, they made it available on mobile devices.

Players do not require money to play DoubleDown Casino games. Instead, they play for free to win chips, which they can use to pace bets, participate in tournaments, or connect and share gifts with friends. The more a user plays, the more chips they win. Players can also buy the chips using real money.

While DoubleDown Casino enables users to experience the thrill of conventional casino games, it doesn’t offer real-money gambling. This feature allows gamers to enjoy an immersive and entertaining gaming experience without risking their hard-earned cash.

The casino belongs to DoubleDown Interactive, an International Game Technology (IGT) subsidiary. IGT is a globally renowned gaming company that has spearheaded technological advancements in online gaming since the 1950s.

Are you still wondering if DoubleDown Casino is legit? Well, the gaming site is 100% legit and fully authorized to operate in most states in the USA. However, you must be at least 21 years old to play. Some states allow 13+ year-olds to play with parental consent.

How to play at DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino has a pretty straightforward user interface and a simple sign-up process. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create an account and play your favorite games on this platform:

Create an account with DoubleDown Casino

Double Down SignUp

If you’re a new player, you must create a DoubleDown Casino account before playing. You can access the casino through its website, Facebook, or mobile devices. If you’re using the DoubleDown Casino website:

  • Click on Connect, then enter your email address and password. 
  • Next, check the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy box and click the grey Register button. 
  • The site will automatically redirect you to a welcome interface where you can press a blue LET’S PLAY button to start gaming.

DoubleDown Casino login

DoubleDown Login

If you already have an account:

  • Go to the DoubleDown Casino website.
  • Click on Connect.
  • Enter your email address and password under Email Log-in.
  • Press the gray LOGIN button.
  • The site will automatically redirect you to the homepage, where you can play immediately. 

If you forgot your password, you can submit a support request, and the customer service team will help you recover it.

DoubleDown Casino verification process

Several real money online casinos have detailed verification processes for new players or during prize redemption. However, DoubleDown doesn’t offer an opportunity to win real money, so its verification process is straightforward. All users do is enter a valid email address and add a strong password comprising 6 to 40 characters.

How long does DoubleDown Casino take to verify?

The casino’s verification occurs in real time. Once you’ve submitted your details and the system has recorded them, you can start playing immediately.

DoubleDown Casino promotions

Gamers often consider promotions when looking for the best new sweepstakes casinos. In this section of DoubleDown Casino reviews, we will discuss the platform’s promotions and bonuses and explain how they can enhance your gaming experience. 

DoubleDown Casino login bonus

When you create a DoubleDown Casino account, you get 10,000,000 free virtual chips as a login bonus. You can use these coins to play various games on the platform. 

No deposit bonus

When you download the DoubleDown Casino app and create a free account, you get 1,000,000 coins without depositing a single penny. You can also get a no deposit bonus by using DoubleDown no deposit promo codes.

DoubleDown Casino promo codes

Whether you’ve depleted your coins or want extra chips to level up, promo codes are often an effective way to boost your piggy bank. They can help you win free coins and enhance your gaming experience without making deposits. However, sometimes getting these codes can be challenging. Beware of online cons claiming to sell bonus codes. Fortunately, DoubleDown casino offers several opportunities to win free credits even without DoubleDown promo codes.

DoubleDown Casino free coins

One of the biggest perks of DoubleDown Casino is that it gives users access to free coins even without depositing real money or using promo codes. For instance, you can claim free chips by logging into the platform daily — whenever you sign into the casino after every 24 hours, you get a $1,000 bonus. This return bonus is available for a maximum of 25 days. 

Similarly, you can get DoubleDown Casino free coins by referring friends. The first time a friend accepts your invite and installs the DoubleDown app, you receive 1,000,000 chips. Other subsequent referrals enable you to win $1,000 daily per referral. The daily winnings from referrals usually change based on your friends’ activity. If they uninstall the app, your daily bonus automatically reduces.

DoubleDown Casino free spins

When publishing this DoubleDown Casino review, the casino offers a free Daily Wheel spin. When you log into the platform for the first time each day, you enjoy a free spin that can help you win more chips or an additional slot. The spin starts automatically if you use a PC and access the casino via  or Facebook. Comparatively, when using a mobile device, you must complete actions like claiming free chips or loading specific slots before the spin launches.

With access to all these attractive bonuses and promotions, you must wonder, is DoubleDown Casino real? Yes, the casino is real and legit and has been operational since 2010. 

How does DoubleDown Casino work?

Like most social casinos, the DoubleDown Casino sweepstake is primarily available as an Android or iOS app, with gamers having an option of accessing it via the web. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up: First, you must create an account. After this, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of virtual $1,000,000 chips. You can also win more coins by playing the casino’s free Daily Wheel spin or referring friends to the platform. Alternatively, you can buy more chips using real money.
  • Virtual currency: These chips are the casino’s virtual currency. You can use them to place bets or play games.
  • Games: DoubleDown Casino has a pretty generous game selection. Whether you want to play poker, slots, blackjack, or roulette — the platform has it all.
  • Level up: The more you play, the more virtual coins you might win. You can then use these chips to progress by unlocking more advanced features, levels, and games.
  • Stay connected and share the fun with friends: Several games on the DoubleDown platform have multiplayer modes to enable you to compete with friends and random online players. The casino also allows players to connect with colleagues, send or receive virtual gifts, and share the fun with friends and family.
  • Customer support: The casino has a vast online community where you can interact with fellow players and ask for help or tips. If you have any technical issues that require expert advice, you can contact the DoubleDown Casino customer support team via online chats.

Does DoubleDown Casino pay real money?

Are you wondering if DoubleDown Casino real money for sure? No, the casino does not pay real money. DoubleDown Casino complies with the U.S. Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which prohibits real money gambling over the Internet. Instead of winning cash prizes, players can win virtual coins, which they can use to bet, play games or unlock additional features and new levels.

How to win money on DoubleDown Casino

At the time of writing this DoubleDown Casino review, winning real money on the platform is impossible. However, players can win virtual coins by signing up (welcome bonus), logging in daily (Daily Wheel spin), or referring friends (friend/referral bonus). While you might not win real money, the casino offers almost the same thrill and adventure as a real money casino. It enables you to enjoy the fun without risking losing money.

DoubleDown Casino payment methods

In this section of our DoubleDown Casino review, we’ll discuss how to buy extra virtual chips using real money. In most cases, the daily bonuses and promotions will be enough. However, if you want more coins, you can buy them in the following three ways:

  • If you’re using Facebook, click on Buy Chips, select your preferred package, tap the price button, choose a suitable payment method on the pop-up window, and click Continue to receive your chips immediately.
  • On a mobile device, click the blue Get Chips icon, choose your preferred package, and sign into your account to complete the purchase.
  • For players accessing the platform via, click on Buy Chips, select your preferred chips package, tap the price button, and choose Credits & More to find your payment option. The PayPal option on the left doesn’t work. Instead, you’ll find PayPal under Credits & More.

DoubleDown Casino’s payments reflect in real-time. The platform supports several popular credit and debit cards like MasterCard, Amex, and Visa and mobile wallets like PayPal and Skrill. While coin prices might occasionally fluctuate, here are the packages available when we published this DoubleDown Casino review.


DoubleDown Casino payout review

We cannot conclude this DoubleDown Casino review without answering the question that almost everyone asks — does the casino offer payouts from gamer’s winnings? Below is a detailed answer:

Does DoubleDown really pay?

As repeatedly stated in this review, the DoubleDown Casino does not pay real money. If you’re looking for a casino where you can make some money as you have fun, you can check out other alternatives. At DoubleDown Casino, it’s all about the fun, thrill, and adventure.

How to cash out on DoubleDown Casino

You cannot cash out on this casino because it doesn’t offer real money payments.

DoubleDown Casino withdrawal

You can’t withdraw money on the DoubleDown Casino because the platform’s users cannot win real money.

Games at DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino has a huge game selection. It offers seven categories of games — slots, poker, roulette, video poker, blackjack, slot tournaments, and bingo — all from International Game Technology (IGT). Poker lovers can play 5 Card Draw, Omaha, or Texas Hold ‘Em, and video poker enthusiasts Double Double Bonus Poker, Jacks/Better, Double Bonus Poker, or Bonus Poker. 

Does DoubleDown Casino have an app?

Yes, the casino has an app. The app is available on Android and iOS operating systems. 

DoubleDown Casino customer support

DoubleDown Casino doesn’t have a public phone number, unlike most social casinos. However, you can request customer support by emailing SUPPORT@DOUBLEDOWNCASINO.COM or through the platform’s Help Center. 

DoubleDown Casino website design

The platform has an easy-to-use website accessible via mobile devices and desktops. The website has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any special training to navigate. According to most of the DoubleDown Casino reviews we found online, several gamers find the site’s attractive colors welcoming.

Who owns DoubleDown Casino?

DoubleDown Casino belongs to DoubleU Games, which owns it through Seattle-based DoubleDown Interactive LLC. 

How to delete your DoubleDown Casino account

Contact the customer support team directly if you want to delete your DoubleDown Casino account. Send a message to customer support, highlighting your user ID (email address) and expressing your desire to delete your account permanently. The team might complete the deletion immediately or contact you for more information.

Alternatives to DoubleDown Casino

In this section of the DoubleDown Casino review, we review a few trustworthy alternatives to DoubleDown Casino. When deciding the best sweepstakes casinos, consider payout speeds, bonuses and promotions, software efficiency, game selection, and user experience

At the top of our list is And reasonably so — this sweepstake has a wide game selection and offers a 5% Rakeback on all net losses when players use the code SWEEPSCASH.

B Spot

B Spot casino prides itself in a strong online community and resourceful customer support team. However, the clients’ service is only active between 6 a.m. and 1.p.m. Pacific time. If you have burning concerns outside these hours, you can ask the casino’s online community or check the FAQs section.

How to choose your perfect sweepstakes casino

Are you looking for the best new sweepstakes casinos to play? Below are a few factors you should consider:

Game selection

Find a casino that provides a vast selection of your preferred games. The more games a casino offers, the more fun you’ll have as you try your hands out at different challenges.

Offers and free coins

You must have gathered from this DoubleDown Casino review that the operator has great deals, bonuses, and promotions. Everybody loves freebies. Look for a casino that allows you to win free coins and prizes.

Is an app available?

Do you love carrying your game wherever you go? If so, find a casino with an app compatible with your mobile device’s operating system. Apps enable you to play on the go as long as you have a stable internet connection.


When you conduct a random Google search for the best sweepstakes casinos, you’ll find tens of options claiming to have the best offers. However, not all of them will be as good as they claim. DoubleDown Casino is one of the legit options that offer a vast selection of games, several bonuses and promotions, and free access. 

Most online DoubleDown Casino reviews are positive. The only widespread challenge you might notice is the lack of a phone number for instant support requests. 

Above all, the casino has invested heavily in user experience. Its website is user-friendly and offers an immersive game selection — and that’s what a good social casino requires.

DoubleDown Casino Reviews FAQ 

🔒 Is DoubleDown Casino legit?

DoubleDown Casino operates in almost all U.S. states. Read our DoubleDown Casino reviews for more information about its legality.

💰 Does DoubleDown Casino have cash prizes??

DoubleDown Casino is a social casino that uses virtual currency. Discover if you can cash out or redeem its prizes.

📱Can I play DoubleDown Casino on my mobile device?

If you love carrying your games on the go,  you’ll want a casino you can access on your mobile phone. Read our DoubleDown Casino review to learn if you can access the game through your phone.

Welcome bonus of 1,000,000 coins

Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
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