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All about the QVC Sweepstakes Giveaways

You will be familiar with QVC as a shopping channel, and you can take that experience one step further by playing their sweepstakes. QVC sweepstakes tend to be a big event, so you will want to know what to expect to ensure that you don’t miss out. Entries are free and there are a variety of products and cash prizes to be won.

Benefits of QVC Sweepstakes

  • Generous prizes
  • Free entry
  • Range of draws
  • Simple to enter
Address QVC, Inc. 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380
Regulated by: United States Law

What is QVC Sweepstakes?

This sweepstakes operation is part of the QVC shopping website and features several draws a year. These are typically open to residents of all 50 states and the District of Columbia provided they are over 18 – however this can vary according to the sweep. 

Because the draws tend to be less frequent than you might find elsewhere, they are seen as a significant event by the site and featured extensively. This means they can be very popular with both QVC shoppers and those who play sweepstakes regularly on other sites.

What Sweepstakes are offered?

QVC is a well-known shopping brand, so you might think that the QVC sweepstakes operation is centered upon the products they sell. While this is the case some of the time, other products can be won as well as gift cards, cash, and tickets to exclusive events. 

They can also partner with other sites for special sweeps, although regardless of what is on offer, draws are always free. Draws are not always active, typically only happening a few times a year. You can, however,  see the types of sweeps that occur by looking at what has been featured recently.

QVC & HSN $50K Holiday Sweepstakes

As with many draws around the holidays, this was heavily featured and is one of the more generous sweeps you will find on QVC. This festive sweep offered multiple prizes to a large number of winners, and it is also an excellent example of QVC partnering with other companies to create a big event. This particular sweep had a total prize fund of over $121K and had 591 winners.

The first prize, as the name suggests, was a $50,000 check handed to a single winner. For this sweep, however, if you missed out on the big prize, you still had a chance of winning:

  • 1 of 59 packages of Korres premium bath products
  • 1 of 59 Barbara King Set-3 Illum Spheres w/Holiday Scene
  • 1 of 59 Dooney & Bourke Large Slim Wristlet
  • 1 of 59 Perricone MD Face Firming and Finishing Moisturizer
  • 1 of 59 DOLL10 Lip Crayon with Tin
  • 1 of 59 Skinn Cosmetics Prize Package
  • 1 of 59 Mine Finds Prize Package of jewelry
  • 1 of 59 $100 QVC eGift Card
  • 1 of 59 $100 HSN Plastic Gift Card
  • 1 of 59 Beekman 1802 Prize Package of soap and body cream

This was a lot to get through, so these were drawn at around 10 a day throughout the active period. As you can see, this was quite a big event, although other sweeps take place that are a little more low-key.

KitchenAid 30th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Earlier in the year there was a sweep for premium kitchen equipment. This draw had 3 winners, each receiving a mixer, a food processor with attachments, a coffee grinder, and an espresso machine. 

Quacker Factory QVC Gift Card Giveaway

This draw also had three winners, but unlike the KitchenAid sweep, the prize was not another company’s products but QVC gift cards. There were 3x $100 on offer for this free draw which took place in May.

QVC Christmas Spectacular Sweepstakes

A smaller Christmas sweep this time, which had a single winner who received 2 tickets to a select performance of the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, and a $250 QVC gift card. 

QVC $35,000 Birthday Sweepstakes

Another generous draw with multiple winners, although the $35,000 main prize went to only one lucky person. The twenty-four second prizes of cosmetics and other related products were divided as follows:

  • 8 x Vionic RECHELLE worth $129
  • 8 x Philosophy Sets worth $229
  • 8 x Patricia Nash Leather Venezia Pouch with Crossbody Strap valued at $139

QVC Sweepstakes Review – Can you really win?

With generous prizes like these on offer, you will want to know more so you can take advantage when the right sweep becomes active on QVC. This is likely to include wanting to know if you can trust QVC and what others have to say, but right at the top of that list will be if these sweeps are real, or just for show.

Is QVC sweepstakes real?

As the whole QVC sweepstakes process takes place online, you might never see the draws take place, so you could be wondering if they actually ever happen. Apart from the fact that QVC is a big name and a well-trusted online retailer, you can also see a list of winners on the QVC sweepstakes page at any time. Clicking on ‘See our Winners’ will give you the winners of the last few sweeps, although the prizes they won aren’t always listed.

Is QVC sweepstakes legit?

This should also answer the question of whether or not QVC sweeps are legit, but it might still leave you wondering why a company like QVC would give away such a large range of prizes with free email entry. Although it can vary from sweep to sweep, when you enter, you are also signing up for newsletters from some of the companies involved. In all situations like this, ensure you know which boxes are being ticked, so you can unsubscribe from any communication you don’t want at the first opportunity.

What are your chances of winning a prize with QVC free online sweepstakes?

Although you can trust QVC, as entries are free and the sweeps can be several months apart, you need to be aware that you won’t be the only one entering. This means you need to be realistic about the chances of winning, and realize that they are very remote – even when it is a generous Christmas sweep there are 591 prize winners. This does not mean you shouldn’t enter, though, as the process is very easy, and as you have seen, the prizes are very attractive.

Are QVC sweepstakes reviews positive

Despite QVC being a major online retailer, there is very little online feedback regarding their sweeps. What little there is, is positive, but there simply isn’t enough there to form a proper opinion one way or the other. Much of what you see will be in regard to the products QVC sells, not the ones that give away in sweepstakes.

QVC sweepstakes entry

There were no active sweeps to test during this review, but a look at the previous sweeps shows that the process will vary according to what is on offer. This might be due to the company that QVC has partnered with, or the size and type of prize on offer. In most situations, you need to proceed according to the following steps:

  • Click the ‘enter’ or ‘enter now’ button on your desired sweep
  • Read the rules to make sure you are eligible
  • Enter your email address – this may take you through to another screen where other details could be required, including your full name
  • Complete any validation to verify it is a manual submission – like CAPTCHA

As mentioned before, this may also involve you consenting to join email newsletters, although you can unsubscribe shortly afterward, if you choose.

QVC sweepstakes rules

As with the entry, the rules of each draw will vary according to the sweep. However, there are some standard rules to adhere to regarding location and age. Entry is typically allowed to residents of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. You must be 18 years of age or older except in Alabama and Nebraska where you have to be 19, and 21 in Mississippi.

You need to enter online by the closing date, and you are likely to find that if you, your immediate family, or anyone you share a home with is associated with the promotion in any way, you shouldn’t enter. Winners are informed of the result, and will then need to present the appropriate ID to prove who they are, and also fill in any tax paperwork if necessary. 

QVC Sweepstakes compared to other sweepstakes events

Sweepstakes like QVC aren’t the only ones around, and they aren’t the only new sweepstakes casino with generous prizes on offer. Armed with this knowledge, you are bound to be curious about what is on offer there, and how they compare to what you can get from QVC.

Remember, QVC sweepstakes are: 

  • Free to enter
  • Tend to be big rather than frequent events
  • Offer cash prizes as well as products
  • Typically has multiple first prize winners or runners-up prizes
  • Can be entered easily using email and other basic details

HGTV sweepstakes

While QVC sweeps are few and far between, HGTV has a wide variety of draws active at any one time. HGTV sweepstakes entry is not quite as simple as with QVC though as some can involve a code that will be only available to those that watch certain shows. With many HGTV sweeps you are only limited to two entries a day.

PCH sweepstakes

PCH, however, has unlimited entries for most of its sweeps and is more frequent than what you’ll find at QVC. However, as PCH are famous for other things rather than sweeps, you might ask, is PCH sweepstakes real? before entering. Not only are they legit, but Publishers Clearing House also has draws based around lifestyle prizes and large cash amounts for free online entry. Most entry forms require your address as well, which is not true for other brands which offer sweeps.

Travel Channel sweepstakes

Like PCH, you might have to ask yourself Is Travel Channel sweepstakes legit? – but for a different reason as the simple email entry here might seem too good to be true. These sweeps are completely legit, and like the ones you’ll find at QVC, give you the opportunity to win cash prizes and days out. They are, however, slightly more frequent than those at QVC, although they are unlikely to have more than one or two active at once.

Jeopardy sweepstakes

Jeopardy sweepstakes will have several sweeps active at once, and you can enter many of the draws by simply commenting or liking a post with the right hashtag on social media. Like QVC, the prizes are typically smaller retail products and bigger prizes like holidays, and as with all sweeps, entries are free.

Food Network sweepstakes

Food network sweepstakes entry is also free, and like QVC has opted for quality rather than quantity when it comes to draws. Sweeps can have big prizes of more than £10K and are usually entered by completing a simple online form, although for the headline sweeps you are limited to entering just twice daily.

BHG Sweepstakes

That is not the case at BHG, where for most sweeps you have unlimited free entries for the larger draws. This might all sound too easy, and could have you asking is BHG sweepstakes real?, especially when these will be for cash amounts of $15 – $25K and give you up to six months to enter. We can confirm however that everything with BHG is legit, including those larger draws and the 8 or 9 daily sweeps for smaller prizes, where only one entry is allowed.

Conclusion – A wide variety of prizes makes QVC a good sweepstakes choice

There are plenty of options to play online sweepstakes from major brands, but QVC should stand out for you because of the wide variety of prizes on offer. The draws, themselves, might be few and far between, but the emphasis here is definitely on quality over quantity, with the limited number of draws each year typically offering a large haul of prizes, as well as a large cash sum as the main prize. 

You might find this lack of draws frustrating, and you could be tempted to go elsewhere in the meantime. However, you would certainly feel like you had missed out if you did not return in time to take advantage of the next offering for QVC sweepstakes.

QVC Sweepstakes FAQ

How old do I have to be to play QVC sweepstakes?

You might think that because QVC sweepstakes are free to enter that there are no restrictions to those who can be involved. However, this is not the case. Draws are typically open to residents of all 50 states and the District of Columbia and you must be 18 years of age or older except in Alabama and Nebraska where you have to be 19, or 21 in Mississippi. 

Does QVC offer cash prizes or is it just products?

You might think that QVC only runs sweeps for products they sell elsewhere on their website, but this is not always the case. They can run promotions for products they do not normally stock, and larger sweeps, such as the ‘Birthday Draw’ last year had a $35,000 cash prize.

Can you enter QVC sweepstakes by mail?

In the age of the internet, you might think that all sweep companies only accept online entries for their prize draws. However, you can send handwritten entries containing details like your name and address to QVC. You might not receive confirmation of your entry, however.

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