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Dive into the PCH Sweepstakes Giveaways

There are thousands of dollars available as prizes across the range of PCH sweepstakes. This is one of the most promising ranges of sweepstakes online just now, as there is always something you can enter.

Each sweepstake has a theme, with the prize displayed on the website. This guide covers some of the live ones and looks at the entry processes and rules along the way.

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4 advantages of making a sweepstakes entry

  • Easy to enter
  • Plenty of sweepstakes
  • Cash prizes
  • Clear rules
Publishers Clearing House
300 Jericho Quadrangle #300, Jericho, NY 11753
Regulated by (US Law)

What are the PCH sweepstakes events?

Sweepstakes from PCH – Publishers Clearing House – are plentiful and varied, but all offer a cash prize. These are usually one-off prizes, but in some cases, they could offer a weekly or possibly monthly prize over a longer time. 

Each one is based around a theme or idea that is likely to appeal to a lot of people. A few examples of these include:

  • $1,000,000 to live the American dream
  • $10,000 to get fit and stay healthy
  • Win $5,000 a week “forever”

Therefore, some will catch your attention more than others, but it’s best to enter as many as possible. All current sweepstakes appear on one page on their website, so you may wish to save this to return to as often as possible.

What PCH sweepstakes games and events are on offer?

The best way to see the range of sweepstakes provided at PCH is to check out some of the latest you can enter. Even if a few of these have expired by the time you read this, you’ll see others in their place. There are always plenty ready for you to take part in.

Win 10k Cash for school

This current event offers the winner $10,000 in cash to use to help them through college. The winner can use it to buy books, supplies, and other items as they see fit.

Win $5,000 a week “forever”

What would you do with a guaranteed $5k a week for the rest of your life? This prize comes with the chance to name a person to receive the prize after you pass on, too.

Win $75,000 to eliminate your debt

Just as it says – the winner receives a check for $75,000 to clear or partially pay down any debt they might have. This will change the life of whomever snags the prize, for sure.

Win $10,000 for retirement savings

If you’d like to beef up your retirement savings, enter this sweepstakes contest to see whether you can get the winning entry. A check for $10k goes to the winner in this case.

$25,000 Be Your Best Self

This is a partnership between PCH and Noom, and together they’re offering a $25k prize to change the life of the winner. The fortunate individual to receive the prize can choose how they wish to spend or save it.

Win $10,000 for your dream sports experience

This PCH sweepstakes event offers a $10k prize to fund your best sporting experience. It also comes with a Dick’s Gift Card to help towards buying some gear.

Win $10,000 for the ultimate fishing package

Fishing fans won’t want to miss this offer. The theme here is fishing, with $10k to spend on all the gear you might need if you win. The winner also gets a Cabela’s Gift Card.

Win $10,000 for a Nashville dream week

Would a week in Nashville, home to country music, appeal to you? Don’t miss your chance to enter this sweeps event if you’d love to fund a trip there.

Win $10,000 to explore the Great Outdoors

The Outdoor Adventure Sweepstakes will surely garner a lot of entries. Whether you’d like a luxury glamping experience or the best tent and supplies you can think of, this prize would surely help fund your dream.

Win $10,000 for the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

A Snake River Farms Gift Card joins the $10k prize in this case, providing the winner with a chance to buy the best BBQ and tools for a memorable event during the summer for years to come.

Win $10,000 for the ultimate hunting package

This $10k prize comes with a Cabela’s Gift Card, beefing up the overall offering even more. Plan your next hunting weekend or trip in style if you come out as the winner in this one.

PCH Sweepstakes Reviews – Can you really win prizes?

This is the question everyone wants the answer to – fortunately, the answer is yes. The PCH sweepstakes are genuine and people do win them. However, the chances of doing so are low because so many people take part in their events.

It helps to adopt some tactics here:

  • Go beyond the headline to check the actual prize
  • Most offer a check you can spend however you wish
  • This means you can enter more sweepstakes than you might think
  • Some may offer gift cards in addition to the headline cash amount
  • Enter daily online to maximize your entry count

What are the odds of winning?

An examination of the set of official rules for the PCH sweepstakes was undertaken, and a common figure offered among many of them was found. This confirmed the estimated odds of an individual entry winning at 1,200,000,000. In case you’re still working that out on your fingers – it took us a while – that’s one in 1.2 billion. Sure, if you make one entry per day online for the duration of the sweepstake event, you’ll increase your odds a little, but not by a lot considering that vast number. It is still recommended that you make one daily entry if the sweepstake event allows for it though. A lot of people won’t bother, so at least you’d know you have the maximum number of entries in the running if you did this.

Of course, everyone knows they have little chance of grabbing the prize. That said, someone wins each of the PCH sweepstakes on offer, so it is still worth entering if you can. If you decide those odds are too long and you don’t enter, you’re guaranteed not to win. The entry form is simple to complete and takes only a few moments to do so, requiring some basic details from you, such as:

  • Name
  • Full address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address (that’s how they contact you if you win)

Are there other ways you can enter one of their sweepstakes?

It is always recommend you read every word of the rules for each individual event, as there can occasionally be changes. However, most of the events have identical rules, and those rules mention the opportunity to mail in an entry if you wish.

According to the small print, writing to PCH at their official Winners Circle address (available inside the official rules) counts as one entry. However, it does also state that each time you write to them, you’ll be entered once into each of their currently ongoing sweepstakes. This means that if 15 separate sweeps are running at the time you write in, you’ll receive one entry to each. Bear in mind that you’ll have mailing costs to consider if you do this, though.

The best way to get in some additional entries is simply to do so online each day if the sweepstakes allow for it. It seems in most cases they do, according to the facts gleaned from our research. This is good news and since it is quick to complete that form, it shouldn’t take long if you devote a few minutes to it each day.

PCH sweepstakes entry process: Are you ready to take part?

It’s straightforward to enter any PCH sweepstakes that catch your eye. It’s worth mentioning that some will appeal because they highlight things that are relevant in your own life. For example:

  • College attendees might need more cash for supplies
  • You might be a BBQ fan looking at a new BBQ or grill
  • Maybe you’re thinking of adding more cash to your retirement fund

However, the PCH sweeps events typically release each prize in the form of a check. This means it is worth entering them all, as you should find you can spend or save the money as you wish.

The first step for any sweepstakes you want to enter is to select that one on their website. You’ll then see an enter button to click or tap, depending on whether you’re on a mobile device or a computer. 

The second step is to complete the official entry form on the next page. This is straightforward and you can opt to receive emails from them regarding future sweepstakes too – something that’s recommend to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you’ll see a link to the official rules at the top of the entry form. Make sure you go through those first – they usually load on a separate page. They’ll reveal the nature of the prize and the odds of winning, which are estimated but usually very long, as you’d imagine.

You’ll often find you can enter as many times as you like – but make sure you check and confirm this via the official rules first.

PCH sweepstakes rules: Are PCH sweepstakes legit to enter?

You’re safe to enter any PCH sweepstakes because they’re all backed by the Publishers Clearing House. PCH is a famous brand and they have sweepstakes running all the time. As events finish, new ones are added to the top of the page on their website.

While there are individual rules for each sweepstakes event, there are typically some that are common to them all.

Can everyone enter? No – US residents residing within and physically inside the US only
Do you need to buy something to qualify for entry? No
Are all entries treated as equal? Yes
Can you make additional entries? Yes – one per day online or one per mailing to their official entry address
Does each entry have a unique entry number? Yes – this number goes into the draw in each case

As mentioned earlier, there can be changes from one sweepstakes event to another, so make sure you know the exact rules in each case.

How do PCH free online sweepstakes stack up against other sweepstakes events?

Sweepstakes are big news in the US, as proven by the range of new sweeps coin casinos popping up all over the internet. You’ll also find a ton of other sweepstakes events you can check out if those PCH sweepstakes have whet your appetite to enter.

Travel Channel Sweepstakes

If you’re getting itchy feet, the Travel Channel sweepstakes are perfect to consider entering. They regularly run sweepstakes offering a grand prize to the winner. A typical example is the New Year New Destination sweeps event closing out 2022 and going into 2023, with $10k to the winner.

Jeopardy Sweepstakes

Watch for the chance to make your next Jeopardy sweepstakes entry. The most recent event was memorable, with 10 winners scooping a trip to Alaska. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll be among the first to get news of the next event.

Food Network Sweepstakes

The Fresh New Year $10k Sweepstakes is the latest example of a popular sweeps event available there. There’s no need to ask, are Food Network sweepstakes real; they’ve got some cash prizes big enough to allow you to transform your kitchen if you wish.

BHG Sweepstakes

You’ll want to know, are BHG sweepstakes legit, and you’ll find a positive answer here. Better Homes and Gardens tailors its sweepstakes to home-themed ideas. They offer cash prizes for home renovations, kitchen makeovers, and even a new dream home.

QVC Sweepstakes

The holiday season marked the latest of the QVC sweepstakes to go on offer. They offered a Non-stop Holiday Party event that ended with 15 winners. Watch for the next event to arrive at QVC soon.

HGTV Sweepstakes

It’s fair enough to ask, are HGTV sweepstakes real, when they’re giving away houses. They certainly are, and the Dream Home annual event is the best-known example of their sweepstakes. There are others too, spread throughout the year.

Bottom line: Are PCH sweepstakes real and ready to enter?

If you’re keen to enter as many sweepstakes as you can to improve your chances, PCH is the ideal place to begin. PCH sweepstakes are plentiful throughout the year, so you can enter all those currently available and enter any new ones that appear after that. There are so many that it could be a little tricky to keep track, but that’s solved if you make a list of the ones you’ve participated in. Coming up with a schedule for checking the site and entering them will help you stay on top of the many opportunities on offer with PCH sweepstakes.

PCH Sweepstakes FAQ

How do you know if you really won a sweepstakes?

If you enter lots of sweepstakes events, it’s smart to keep a list of your entries, so you can keep track of them. This means that if you’re contacted about one of them, you can confirm the details. Different sweepstakes events may have various ways of contacting winners to confirm their prizes. Cross check the details you’ve been sent to make sure you can confirm the prize.

Who won Publishers Clearing House 2022?

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) runs many sweepstakes throughout the year. Look for the sweepstakes events you would like to know the winners for to find the answers. There is a winners page on their website that reveals the latest winners in each sweepstakes event.

How do I enter PCH sweepstakes?

Different PCH sweepstakes have separate requirements for entry, so it is important to read the small print in each case. You can then follow the instructions and make sure you are qualified to enter. Select the event you would like to enter and then complete your details. Make sure you complete your entry by hitting the button supplied.

How is PCH paid out?

Sweepstakes prizes from PCH can pay out in different ways, depending on the nature of the event you are taking part in. Prior to entering, you can read the details behind the headline, as these provide all the facts you’ll need to know. Most offer cash prizes, received by the winners as a check.

How do I get PCH entry confirmation?

PCH sweepstakes offer a host of prizes, with many of them having similar entry forms and processes. However, don’t assume they are all identical. Find out how to enter and confirmation details should be there as well. You will usually see an on-screen message confirming completion of your entry.

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