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Sweepstakes Casinos with Prepaid Credit Card 2023

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The main appeal of sweepstakes casinos used to be the no-purchase clause. However, thanks to various convenient online payment systems, players now join these sites for a chance to win real cash prizes for free. Among the most popular payment methods is prepaid cards.

Sweepstakes casino prepaid card sites are highly sought after because of the convenience of this Casino payment method. This guide is here to show you sweepstakes casinos that take prepaid cards are safe and secure, fast and rewarding. 

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How to begin making payments with a prepaid card – step-by-step

Prepaid cards are like gift cards with a set amount of cash or balance available for use online. Unlike regular debit or credit cards, they don’t allow you to draw money from your bank account. However, once your prepaid card is loaded with funds, you can use them to make instantaneous payments.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using prepaid cards:

  • Sign up for a prepaid card service and receive the card
  • Load the card using other payment methods like bank transfer or credit/debit card
  • Head to any of the top sweepstakes casinos that take prepaid cards
  • Go to the ‘Cashier’ tab and select the prepaid card option
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit or redeem (if it supports withdrawals)
  • Input the prepaid card details in the relevant field and a unique code to confirm the payment

Note that not all sweepstakes casino prepaid card sites will allow this method for prize redemption. However, the ones that do make it very easy, quick, and free.

Average time of prepaid card deposits and withdrawals

Prepaid cards are celebrated as one of the fastest payment channels in most new sweeps casino sites. Here, gamers get a one-tap payment system that ensures instant transactions; you don’t have to wait several working days for payments to be completed.

More importantly, initiating these transactions is less time-consuming as players don’t have to tender their banking details. Below you’ll find some of the top prepaid card options for instant transactions at sweepstakes casinos but before that we can take a look at average time of prepaid card deposits and withdrawals:  

Deposit time Withdrawal time Fees

PayPal Prepaid MasterCard

This is the prepaid card from PayPal. Here, players get to manage their swift transactions from the platform’s app and even get cashback for purchases on sweepstakes casinos.


Play+ is a popular prepaid card service at US casinos. It allows instant deposits, withdrawals and is simple to use. It’s one of the best because it provides users with several membership rewards through the VIP Play+ Program.


Unlike the other prepaid cards mentioned, Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher system. You simply purchase the card for a certain amount, usually between $10 and $100. All you need to do to facilitate transactions is enter the 16-digit PIN provided on the card.

Other options include Prepaid American Express, Prepaid Visa, etc. 

Prepaid card KYC requirements

KYC regulations require identity checks for prepaid card customers. Card transactions are the most prone to money laundering, duplicate transactions, and other fraudulent activities. Although prepaid cards are technically safer than bank credit/debit cards, they apply more or less the same verification methods.

Generally, before you begin using your prepaid card, you’ll have to complete digital checks for ID confirmation. When linking your bank account or bank account, the prepaid card provider will also be able to verify your identity and detect discrepancies in identification automatically.

For instance, with a PayPal prepaid MasterCard, chances are you already have a PayPal account. Players who already have a PayPal account will find it easier to get a prepaid card. This is because the payment platform will have already done the due diligence when registering users for the e-wallet.

The story of prepaid cards

With the widespread use of prepaid cards, it is difficult to imagine that there was a time when this payment channel was non-existent. However, what we now know as prepaid cards started as gift cards in the early 1970s.

The use of closed-loop prepaid cards became even more popular in the 1980s when the telecom industry adopted it as a payment option. However, due to its closed-loop nature, only selected telecom companies and outfits allowed these prepaid cards.

By the 1990s, retail stores and outlets also began accepting prepaid cards. These closed-loop prepaid cards remained popular until the 1996 federal welfare reform, which made it mandatory for food stamp coupons to be replaced with new electronic benefit transfer cards.

This made more retail stores and merchants start accepting prepaid cards which gave rise to the open-loop version.

Beyond using these cards for e-commerce and online gaming platforms like PayPal casinos, this form of payment was also used for official purposes. For instance, during the late 1990s, employers used prepaid cards and termed payroll cards to pay employees without bank accounts.

Today, there are numerous multipurpose sweepstakes casino prepaid cards with flexible spending limits. Chumba is among the most popular, offering a Chumba MasterCard that allows you to purchase Gold Coin packages more conveniently at the site.

Prepaid cards vs other providers

An average sweepstakes site allows payment through different payment channels. Even the likes of Venmo casinos are not limited to the mentioned payment option. However, the incentives for using a prepaid card to deposit and withdraw at gaming sites are better than most other alternatives.

Unlike other payment methods, prepaid cards give players better control over their purchases in sweepstakes casinos. This is because there’s a cap on the amount you can spend. For some, high rollers especially, this is something to improve. But if you think about it, prepaid cards are an excellent way to ensure you gamble responsibly.

Besides, unlike regular credit cards, they allow you to make and receive payments without harming your credit score.

Numerous payment methods are available to players in sweepstakes casinos, but some are more popular and reliable than others. Sweepstakes casinos with prepaid cards are among the best because they are safe and secure.

Card providers generally are mandated to be PCI-DSS compliant. These prepaid cards are not only secure on their own, but their modus operandi goes as far as also protecting the players even in casinos with poor security protocols. The way prepaid cards are designed, only the current balance in the card is at risk.

Players who enjoy playing at sweepstakes casino prepaid card sites will also enjoy playing at casinos with Venmo. The Venmo mobile app also allows seamless transactions without risking your bank details.

That said, when you play at any of the top-recommended gaming platforms with top-tier player protection protocols, regular Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX debit and credit cards are the go-tos.

Prepaid cards FAQ

Looking to play at prepaid sweepstakes casinos for the first time? Check out some of the top inquiries by real players: 

Are there fees for sweepstakes casino prepaid card payments?

Yes, sweepstakes casino prepaid cards impose fees on users. Fees may include monthly service fees and transaction surcharges. Some prepaid cards might even charge other fees depending on the additional services they render. The fees differ depending on the card provider and the specific card product. However, they will usually be just a small amount or percentage.

Can I get my winnings paid to my prepaid card?

Sweepstakes casinos allow players to redeem their prizes through different payment methods. However, not all of them put up prepaid cards as an option. The option of using this channel to claim your winnings depends on the particular casino. Also, most gaming sites adopt a closed-loop system. Therefore, if you’ve deposited using a prepaid card, chances are you’ll be able to redeem with the method as well.

How long do payments with prepaid cards take?

Using a prepaid card is one of the fastest means to make in-game purchases or get a Gold Coin package. These transactions are instant, and players do not face any delay. However, with cash redemption, you may have to wait significantly longer. Online gaming platforms can take up to 48 hours to review withdrawal requests before approving them.

Can I claim sweepstakes casino bonuses using a prepaid card?

Yes, at sweepstakes casinos that accept prepaid cards for purchases, players will qualify for the first purchase bonus after making payments through this channel. You can redeem your bonus winnings when you complete the 1x wagering requirement on Sweeps Coins.

What is the maximum I can spend with prepaid cards at sweepstakes casinos?   

Sweepstakes casinos offer Gold Coin packages of different amounts. You can buy coins worth up to $1000 at most sites. Sometimes, prepaid cards stipulate a maximum single deposit limit you cannot exceed. However, most times, the only limit when buying with a prepaid card is how much you have stored in the card.

Advantages of sweepstakes casinos with prepaid card

We’ve hinted at the benefits of prepaid cards throughout the article. Below we will highlight the top advantages that make it one of the most popular options for players.

  • Helps manage your spending: There’s no better way to avoid gambling addiction than using a prepaid card. Prepaid cards have a balance limit, and you cannot spend more than what you have in them. Although you can still technically purchase new prepaid cards or reload existing ones, it allows you to have better control over your staking habits.
  • Swift deposits and withdrawals: Prepaid cards enable gamers to pay as they play since the transactions are instant. Payments through prepaid cards do not go through banking delays. Once approved by the casino, you get your funds right away. As such, withdrawals with prepaid cards are quicker than most.
  • Provides several incentives: There are several prepaid card providers in the US, and this competition has given rise to lots of incentives for using this payment option. A lot of prepaid cards offer cashback after a certain amount of deposit. Users can also benefit from reduced fees, and depending on how often you use your prepaid card, you can get exclusive gifts and loyalty rewards from the provider. As mentioned earlier, you can also receive casino bonuses when you pay with prepaid cards.
  • Provide mobile apps for greater convenience: Most prepaid cards come with mobile apps that help you manage your account. Via the mobile applications, you can link a funding source, load your account and make transactions at the click of a button.

Disadvantages of sweepstakes casinos with prepaid card

Unfortunately, prepaid cards are not perfect. They have several flaws, which some players may find distasteful.

  • Not always available for withdrawals: Prepaid cards are often not available for withdrawals, as they are more commonly provided for online gaming deposits only. Unless it’s a proprietary prepaid card of the sweepstakes casino, you may have to use another method to request payouts.
  • Hidden fees: While prepaid cards are some of the most efficient payment systems in online sweepstakes casinos, it is essential to note that they come at a cost. Some will charge gamers for account usage; sometimes for prolonged inactivity. There may be fees for purchases or declined transactions as well. In addition, monthly subscription fees for prepaid card services may change with little warning.
  • Low payment limits: Compared to other payment channels like credit/debit cards, prepaid cards have very low limits. There may be transaction and daily payment limits, not forgetting that prepaid cards can only hold so much money at a time. Generally, they’re not very favorable for big spenders.

Tips for making deposits and withdrawals at sweepstakes casinos that take prepaid cards

Before you initiate that deposit or cash out in a prepaid card sweepstakes casino, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Ensure that this payment channel is eligible for your favorite bonus

A lot of sweepstakes casinos attach conditions to bonuses and promotions. Apart from the infamous wagering requirement, some of these gaming platforms also limit specific bonuses to players who use selected payment methods. This is why you should confirm if using prepaid cards qualifies you for bonus claiming. You can get this information from the promotions page.

Make sure the payment limit of the prepaid card aligns with your betting strategy

Take, for instance, conservative bettors who want to keep their betting habits on a leash. If you’re this kind of bettor, a low-limit prepaid card will help achieve your betting strategy since you cannot stake beyond the designated balance. On the other hand, if you’re taking a progressive strategy, you’ll want a payment method that can support higher limits. You may want to go for a more accommodating prepaid card or opt for a different payment option altogether.

Understand the timeline of prepaid card transactions

When playing at a prepaid visa card online sweepstakes casino, deposits are instant. However, you shouldn’t expect the same for withdrawals. Although using prepaid cards does not involve banking delays, sweepstakes casinos have to review the transactions before approving them. Be prepared to wait for the stipulated withdrawal time.

Conclusion – A safe and swift payment solution

Prepaid cards are an excellent solution to some of the most predominant issues gamers face while making payments in online sweepstakes casinos. This is why they are growing in popularity, and most gaming sites have a number of prepaid cards as payment options.

One of the advantages of using prepaid cards is that it doesn’t require you to disclose your personal banking details. However, prepaid cards eliminate the risk of hacking or other fraudulent online schemes because they are independent of your bank account. They are also instant and will carry extra rewards like discounts on purchases and cashback.

Sweepstakes casino with prepaid card FAQs

Are prepaid card sweepstakes casinos safe?

Yes, prepaid cards are safer than most of the other payment options because they do not require you to disclose your banking details. More so, many of the best sweepstakes casinos that take prepaid cards have additional security measures in place to safeguard gamers.

Do I qualify for a welcome bonus with a purchase through a prepaid card?

Individual gaming sites decide the eligibility requirements for claiming a welcome bonus. In sweepstakes casino prepaid card sites, you might not need to make any financial consideration before claiming the welcome bonus since there are usually no deposit offers that allow you to play for free. However, making your first deposit with a prepaid card will usually qualify you for the purchase bonus.

What is the best prepaid card for online sweepstakes casinos?

Players can use numerous prepaid cards to make payments in US online casinos, and each of them has unique features and cons. As such, the best option depends on your gaming preference and how well they aid players’ betting strategy.

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