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All about the Jeopardy Sweepstakes giveaways

Sweepstake events are typically free to enter in the US and sometimes Canada, and Jeopardy sweepstakes are one of the most popular and best-known examples available today. 

Tying in with the top US quiz show, the sweepstakes allow viewers to be in with a chance to win some top prizes you won’t want to miss. Here, this guide will look at the Jeopardy version of sweepstakes, while comparing them with other leading possibilities you may find online today as well.

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4 Benefits of the Jeopardy Sweepstakes

  • Big prizes
  • Additional entries possible
  • Several prizes available
  • Ties into the show
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What are Jeopardy Sweepstakes: Reviews of the idea

Jeopardy is a famous TV show that is recognized around the world. It’s no surprise then that the available prizes in their sweepstakes are just as big as the show itself. The most recent sweepstake event involved a trip to Alaska. The event was provided in association with National Geographic and a company experienced in providing expedition-style vacations to places like Alaska, so you can see how impressive the prize was.

You can expect all future sweepstakes events to be just as big as this one. You can keep up with any updates here, as we examine new Jeopardy sweepstakes that might appear in the future. With the help of this guide, you won’t miss a thing.

What Jeopardy free online sweepstakes are offered?

Jeopardy runs one sweepstakes event at a time, unlike certain other sites (including some new sweepstakes casinos) that may run several at once. Let’s check out the most recent Jeopardy sweepstakes event that took place, as this should provide a clue to what you might expect from other events to come in the future.

Explore the Alaska Sweepstakes

The Alaska Jeopardy Sweepstakes have now ended, so everyone is waiting for the next event to begin. However, there is some sharable information about it here which will help you understand what’s involved and what a future sweepstakes event might look like. Let’s cover the basics first.

Sweepstakes prize Cruise to Alaska
How many winners? 10
Who can enter? 50 US states, District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec)
Start date January 17 2022 at 12.01am
End date January 28 2022 at 11.59pm

So, what can be learned from these basic facts? Firstly, it’s easy to see that the event is open for around 10 days, so it doesn’t run for a long period. This points to how important it is to stay tuned for the next sweeps event they decide to run, as you may not get a lot of notice that it’s about to happen. If you watch the show whenever it’s on, it should be easier to get fast notice of what’s happening. Of course, the experts are also regularly examining new sweepstakes entries and possibilities, so stick around to learn more about future sweepstakes and be on the mark to enter nice and early.

Secondly, you can see that most US states allow entries to sweepstakes events. This is something you’ll notice at most US websites offering sweepstakes. They do need to comply with US law, so you should see the same 50 states permitted for Jeopardy events and others from different providers. The inclusion of Canada (minus Quebec) is a common thread running through many sweepstakes as well.

Thirdly, the vacation offered as a prize is a big one. The trip offered a seven-day marine expedition to Southeast Alaska. The details revealed that one winner would also receive a $200 Ship to Shore gift certificate to spend while they were there. 

The information gleaned about the sweepstakes revealed that you could enter via the official Jeopardy website. It also explained multiple additional ways to get extra entries, such as by opting into newsletters and sharing codes on social media. For future Jeopardy sweepstakes events, it’s suggested that you read the small print to make sure you take advantage of as many extra entry opportunities as you can. Lots of people may not do this, and you might be able to get more entries in the mix if you use as many as possible.

Jeopardy sweepstakes entry details to note

So, how would you have entered this event (or others in the future). It was quite straightforward, actually. 

Step one was to visit the Jeopardy website to answer the correct category for the Final Jeopardy question for each show shown on Monday through Friday of the live sweepstakes event period. This allowed you to submit the entry form complete with your name and email address. According to the information gleaned, you would need to do this daily over the five-day period.

It was then up to you whether you wanted to leave it there or whether you would prefer to grab some extra entries. The newsletter entries came via Jeopardy itself and the expedition company, so there were two chances to note. As for social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users could comment or like relevant updates or tweets according to the specific platform. With full details on how to do this in each case, the instructions are clear and understandable. This would most likely be the same for all future sweepstakes as well.

Are Jeopardy sweepstakes real: Rules to note

Their sweepstakes are indeed real and provide excellent prizes, as can be observed. It’s vital to read the instructions carefully before you enter though, and to make sure you’re ready to watch the show each day during the week the sweeps event is live.

Required action Identify Final Jeopardy category daily, Monday through Friday
How to enter Complete form and choose correct answers from multichoice options
Other details to include Name and email address
Social media entries (optional) Facebook and Twitter require specific hashtag included in your comment on the correct posts to qualify for extra entries

As you’d expect, the sweepstakes rules are detailed, but having examined them, they are clear. This is not expected this to change for any future sweepstakes events that Jeopardy might create. If you visit their website and go to the sweepstakes page, you can find out when another event is about to begin. 

All the details will be there, along with the official entry form if you decide to take part. The draw date took place about a week after the entries closed in the case of the Alaskan trip, so you can see it’s best to be quick with those entries to make sure you’re in the running for the prize – and it’s a fine prize to be sure.

Jeopardy Sweepstakes today: Comparing to similar sweepstakes events

If Jeopardy sweepstakes aren’t enough for you, don’t worry. There are plenty more sites offering sweepstakes, and some of the best of those are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list and you can check out other possibilities too, such as HGTV sweepstakes, and many others.

Food Network Sweepstakes

Foodies can check out the Food Network sweepstakes. They often run seasonal sweepstakes events, such as the Holiday Treats and Sweets event before Christmas. Check out the New Year event on offer as well.

BHG Sweepstakes

Are you ready to make your BHG sweepstakes entry? Better Homes and Gardens regularly run sweepstakes giving away cash prizes designed to help improve your home. They usually have several running at once, too.

QVC Sweepstakes

Are QVC sweepstakes real? Absolutely, and you can check out the latest events on their website, along with details of previous winners. The most recent sweepstake involved a Nonstop Holiday Party event, so you may spot other seasonal sweepstakes coming up as well.

PCH Sweepstakes

You can also consider making a PCH sweepstakes entry if you wish. Publishers Clearing House regularly reveals a selection of sweepstakes relating to different topics, such as adding to retirement savings or winning a cash amount every week forever. Just complete the entry form for each one on the PCH website.

Travel Channel Sweepstakes

This guide can confirm a positive answer to the question, are Travel Channel sweepstakes real? They run monthly sweepstakes and others for VIP members too. Since they’re about travel, you can be assured that every event revolves around some kind of trip or vacation opportunity.

Jeopardy Sweepstakes

You can see that these sweepstakes events compare well to those on offer via other providers mentioned above. If you watch the program and stay abreast of the latest Jeopardy news, you can position yourself to enter the next sweepstakes event here too. The more you enter, the better your chances of getting into the winner’s circle. 

Are Jeopardy Sweepstakes legit?

Jeopardy sweepstakes are safe to enter – they’re backed by the popular quiz that’s been on air since 1964. The only downside is that they’re not available throughout the year. However, there are plenty of positives. For example, you can make your standard entry and then follow the instructions to make multiple additional entries, sometimes via Facebook and similar channels. This is great as a little extra effort can put you in a better position than some other entrants, and as you’d expect, there is no cost involved in entering, whether you make a single entry or multiple ones. 

The best recommendation here is to get organized and to list which sweepstakes are happening when. By keeping up to speed with the latest Jeopardy events, you can be sure you won’t miss any of them.

Jeopardy Sweepstakes FAQ

How do you enter Jeopardy Alaska sweepstakes?

You must watch Jeopardy every day during the period the sweepstakes are running to be in with a chance. You then need to select the correct category for Final Jeopardy on the website for that day. The 2022 competition saw 10 prizes revealed, so there is a chance to enter for each prize over the space of several weeks.

Where can I find out about Jeopardy sweepstakes news?

The official Jeopardy website will contain information about any live sweepstakes events currently happening and available to enter.

Who can take part in Jeopardy sweepstakes?

Full instructions on participation in the sweepstakes events created to tie in with the Jeopardy TV show are always provided. You should always read through those first if you are considering taking part in the next event, to make sure you qualify to enter.

What is the prize in Jeopardy sweepstakes?

Prizes vary depending on which Jeopardy sweepstakes event you decide to enter. For example, the 2022 competition gave away 10 prizes, each offering a trip to Alaska for the winner.

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