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HGTV Sweepstakes 2023

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Exploring the HGTV Sweepstakes Giveaways

HGTV sweepstakes are active, plentiful, and varied, offering you the chance to take part in sweeps events with all kinds of prizes. There is always something happening, with many sweepstakes overlapping each other.

In this article, we examine some past events and look at the current live sweepstakes opportunity offering a giant prize. You can pick up some guidance on how to enter each one and what to look for in terms of rules and conditions.

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4 Top HGTV Sweepstakes Benefits

  • Daily entries
  • Multiple sweeps events
  • Cash and gift cards
  • Home-themed sweeps

What are HGTV Sweepstakes?

Whether you’re curious to add some more sweepstakes events to your list, or you’re finding out about them for the first time, let’s look at some basic facts about HGTV sweepstakes:

  • They’re run by Discovery Communications LLC.
  • HGTV stands for Home and Garden TV, so the sweeps relate to those topics.
  • You can enter their sweepstakes without buying anything.
  • They offer vacations, cash, and even properties as prizes.
  • You can usually make multiple entries for each sweepstake event.

The HGTV website includes a dedicated section for all its sweepstakes. You can learn more about past winners and sweepstakes there, along with finding information on all the live events you can take part in.

What HGTV Sweepstakes Giveaway Events are Offered?

You’ll soon see there’s plenty of choice available in this case, with HGTV being one of the most active sweeps creators around today. Check out the following events to get a feel for what you might stand a chance of winning.

An HGTV Dream Home

The current event offers the chance to win a mountain home in Morrison, Colorado, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. You can enter twice a day, and the grand prize includes $100,000 and a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Holiday Sweepstakes

HGTV has run lots of holiday-themed sweepstakes in the past, so you can bet there will be more in the future, too. One example is the recent Holiday Sweepstakes event, offering a $5k gift card with Wayfair.

Luxe for Less

The “Luxe for Less” giveaway saw three fortunate winners each scoop $5,000 as part of the event. This was a tie-in with the TV show: Luxe for Less.

Holiday Central

The Holiday Central event was a $5k giveaway event that allowed two entries a day per person, via HGTV and It ran through the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holiday season.

Urban Oasis

This HGTV sweepstakes event finished in 2021, and saw one fortunate entrant scoop the home situated in Nashville, Tennessee. The winner had entered twice daily throughout the event and was picked from 75 million entries.

HGTV Sweepstakes Winners – Reviewing the Outcome

You may wonder what happens to the people who win some of the prizes on offer in the sweepstakes from HGTV. The headline prize is the Dream Home, of course, but the reality behind those homes pack a few surprises. These concerns are worth thinking about before you consider taking part.

The properties on offer in the Dream Home sweepstakes events are typically worth seven figures, depending on location, type of property, and market rates. However, only 6 of the 21 winners so far have lived in the properties they won for 12 months or more. 

Are there costs involved with the properties won?

Yes, and there are several to be aware of, such as:

  • Federal taxes (on the property itself as well as any potential improvements)
  • Potentially state taxes, depending on where you live
  • Local taxes, depending on location
  • Annual property maintenance
  • Furnishings
  • Insurance
  • Utility costs

The cost of the property won in the HGTV sweepstakes could well be far higher than the cost of the home the winner is currently living in. It’s been said that those selling their existing property and moving into the prize home stand the best chance of keeping it. Even then, though, it can be an expensive prospect. Few of us live in homes that we cannot afford to pay for or maintain – not for long anyway.

The most recent prizes have included all the furnishings inside, so you wouldn’t have that cost to think about unless you wanted to change anything. However, it still costs far more to furnish a large property than it does a compact one, so if winning would see a huge change to your circumstances, you need to think things through before entering.

Let’s assume for a moment that you could receive the Dream Home, cover all the taxes due on it, and sell your current home to make a permanent move there. This may not be possible for many people owing to jobs, family, and friends where they live now. Could you keep up two properties in this scenario? Some previous winners have used the property as a vacation home, at least for a while.

Then there are the insurance costs and utilities – both of which are going to be significantly higher for a seven-figure home. Even if you’re fortunate enough to live in such a home already, you may not be able to maintain and pay for two of them.

Is there an alternative?

Fortunately, yes. HGTV includes details of a cash option in the rules for its Dream Home sweepstakes. This is considerably lower than the value of the property plus its contents. Here are the facts for the 2023 edition of the sweepstakes:

  • The Dream Home, including contents, is valued at a little over $2.55 million
  • You need to add the value of the vehicle that comes as part of the overall prize
  • In contrast, the cash option is given as $750,000

This is obviously a lot lower, so you can see why many people might be tempted to take the property and figure out the taxes and other elements later. However, HGTV does make it clear that all taxes and various other costs that are not included in the rules are the responsibility of the prize winner, so it is important to consider the potential outcome.

Is the cash alternative the better option?

For most people, yes. Obviously, if you do your sums and you know you can afford the taxes on the prize if you did end up as the winner, that’s fine. It’s expected that wouldn’t be the case many though.

You’ll still need to pay Federal taxes on the cash prize if you took that option. However, once you’d paid all the taxes due at Federal, state, and local levels (as applicable), you’d be able to enjoy the rest of the cash however you wished. It’s easy to see why lots of people are now choosing to go for the cash option to the Dream Home prize. While it would be lovely to see it and live there, few winners can afford to take this route in the end. Cash is far easier and has less chance of causing financial issues later.

How to make your HGTV sweepstakes entry

So, you’ve read about the sweepstakes, you know which ones are live just now, and you’re thinking about entering. The first thing to do is to read through the rules, and then follow the explanations provided about the main ones in the next section. 

Here, though, this guide goes through the main pointers you need to note when you are ready to enter a specific event. The first step is to find it on the HGTV website in their sweepstakes area. Each event has its own page, offering further details about:

  • The available prizes
  • The start time and date
  • The end time and date
  • The complete set of rules
  • Whether there are separate drawings for the event

Examining the HGTV sweepstakes rules 

All sweepstakes include rules, and you’ll need to follow these basics to make sure you are eligible to enter any events like these at HGTV. Fortunately, you can easily find the basic details you’re after.

For example, the current Dream Home HGTV sweepstakes include some small print at the foot of the page devoted to that event. That’s where you’ll get the basics given to you in the chart below. Research suggests that these basics are common among many of their sweepstakes. However, do read through the small print whenever you’re ready to enter any of their sweeps events anyway, just in case there are any alterations.

Is a purchase required to enter? No
Which US states can participate? 50 States (Including Washington)
Is there an age limit? Yes, you must be at least 21 years old

When you visit an HGTV sweepstakes page on their website, you may notice there are two tabs underneath the main promotional image for the event. The first one is the entry tab, and you may just need to enter your email address underneath this. You’ll see a brief set of rules underneath that space. Make sure you enter a valid email address and that you spell it correctly. A mistype could be costly at this stage.

The second tab is just as important because this reveals the full set of rules for the sweepstakes. If it runs over multiple weeks (some events offer multiple weekly prizes such as gift cards, for instance), you will see the entry dates for each separate week. The chart will also display the drawing date for the prizes, so you can use this information to make sure you have all the details and can make daily entries on time to maximize your potential in the event.

The rules tab does look daunting to begin with, but take your time to read through it all. You must be clear on all rules, otherwise you could end up in a situation where you might win something, only to forfeit it because you went against the rules somehow. One thorough read through ensures that won’t happen.

Are HGTV sweepstakes legit when compared to other sweepstakes?

If you’ve checked out a few new sweeps casinos, you may realize that some sites have just one sweeps event at a time, while others have several on the go. Here, we examine how the HGTV sweepstakes stand up against its competitors.

PCH Sweepstakes

You’ve got plenty of choices if you want to enter PCH sweepstakes. Many prizes involve $10,000 for a certain purpose, such as getting a hunting package or maybe paying off college tuition. However, some do offer more cash, such as the $1 million Great American Dream prize.

Travel Channel Sweepstakes

Prepare to make a Travel Channel sweepstakes entry by checking out their Destination Giveaway sweepstakes events. According to their website, there is a chance to enter sweeps based around vacation prizes, properties, and even cash. The latest and most recent events usually both appear with further details.

Jeopardy Sweepstakes

Jeopardy is a long-running quiz show, so if you’re wondering are Jeopardy sweepstakes real, the answer is yes. Their most recent sweepstakes saw 10 winners receive an unforgettable trip to Alaska. Stay tuned to find out what’s in store next for Jeopardy and sweepstakes fans.

Food Network Sweepstakes

Everyone’s heard of Food Network, so there is no need to ask, are Food Network sweepstakes legit? You know the answer, and they’ve got some seasonal sweeps to consider along with others offering cash prizes. The latest event has a cash prize of $10,000 available.

BHG Sweepstakes

Better Homes and Gardens makes the best of its theme to provide fans with BHG sweepstakes to remember. Refresh Your Space, enjoy a grocery spree, and create an outdoor oasis are just three of the possibilities. They regularly offer several live sweepstakes at once, too.

QVC Sweepstakes

QVC offers more than just great shopping. You can get ready for your next QVC sweepstakes entry by keeping an eye on their dedicated sweepstakes page. That’s where you can learn about past winners and future events, with the most recent being the Non-stop Holiday Party event.

Here’s why people ask- are HGTV sweepstakes real?

You can tell by now that HGTV sweepstakes are big news, and for good reason, too. There aren’t many sweepstakes with a property on offer as the prize. If you’ve checked out the current Dream Home prize, along with a few older ones, you’ll see that these are properties hardly anyone could turn down. 

Cash prizes are popular, too, as you might guess; HGTV provides some regular sweeps events offering those prizes as well. Most often, you can enter once or twice each day, too, improving the odds that you might be a winner. 

The only downside here is that each sweepstakes event tends to get millions of entries, but someone’s going to be lucky each time. Making sure you enter daily – and enter as many sweepstakes as you can – is the best approach.

HGTV Sweepstakes FAQ

Who won the HGTV Dream Home 2022?

The winner was announced as Karey Wolstenholm, resident of Overland Park, Kansas. The latest reports state that she and her family had gone to the winning property in Vermont to live in it.

How much taxes do you have to pay if you win the HGTV Dream Home?

Winners of the HGTV Dream Home are required to pay Federal Income Tax on the property and any winnings that go along with it. Some states also have their own income tax requirements, so the winner may also need to pay those depending on where they live.

How are HGTV sweepstakes winners notified?

The winner for the current sweepstakes will be notified by email around three days following the prize draw taking place. 

Where is the HGTV 2023 Dream Home?

The property for the HGTV 2023 Dream Home prize is situated in Morrison, Colorado. It is in Jefferson County, to the south west of Denver.

How do I enter to win the HGTV sweepstakes?

You can make two separate entries per day, using two different websites to do so. The first entry should be via the HGTV website and the second should be via the Food Network website.

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a veteran in the online casino industry, with over a decade of experience. He is an expert on the subject, and has written extensively about it. Michael enjoys playing casino games himself, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his experience.

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a veteran in the online casino industry, with over a decade of experience. He is an expert on the subject, and has written extensively about it. Michael enjoys playing casino games himself, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his experience.

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