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Sweepstakes Casino Verification in detail

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Welcome to our quick sweepstakes casino verification guide that gives all the information needed to verify an account.

Verification is a natural part of the process at sweepstakes casinos. It will allow you to confirm ownership of your account to enjoy casino-style games. It also assists with prize withdrawals. Read on to learn about the process as the guide walks you through vital points, including average sweepstakes casino verification time, required documents and top tips.

About the sweepstakes casino verification process

Verifying any sweepstakes casino account is a straightforward process and a crucial requirement for relations between operators and customers. It is an additional step on top of your initial registration as part of a site’s customer due diligence.

By verifying your account, you are formally confirming the legal and beneficial ownership. You’ll then benefit from a complete and true sweepstakes casino experience without hurdles or delays. This includes the freedom to play any and all of the available titles, most of which can be found in various guides to social casino games explained, including slots, table games, poker games and exclusive game releases.

Sweepstakes casinos such as allow you to verify your account to make Gold Coin purchases and prize redemptions. If you become a verified user, you can also take advantage of sweepstakes casino promotions such as 5% rakeback bonus with code MIKBONUS.

How long does it take to verify a sweepstakes casino account?

The sweepstakes casino verification time can vary depending on the operator you choose and the volume of players that are being processed at the time.

As a general rule and to manage expectations, you should expect to wait anything from a few hours up to five business days for any verification request to be processed and completed at most sweepstakes casinos.

However, the duration can depend on the operator’s actions as well as your own. If you are asked for details or documentation, it is advisable to organize and submit it quickly so the ball is rolling and the operator can process it as early as possible.

Documents you need to provide and what to expect

When you register at a sweepstakes casino for the first time, you will be asked to agree to the specific sweepstakes rules of the operator. This includes the sweepstakes casino verification process and procedures that are in place regarding collection of documents, credit checks and external verification. You can find more about this further in our sweepstakes casino verification guide. For now, let’s take a look at the documents needed when verifying ownership.

  • ID: A valid ID card, driver’s license or any document with a picture that proves your identity and your age.
  • Proof of address: A utility bill, bank statement, or other formal document that has proof of your residential address and the US state in which you reside.
  • Proof of used payment method: A payment card or E-wallet is required if you have made a purchase of coins at a sweepstakes casino.
  • Photo: A selfie or photograph of you holding your most recent ID document beside your face. A photo is part of the sweepstakes casino verification process as it allows operators to use facial recognition technology to match your face with any identification documents.

It’s worth noting that many sweepstakes casinos use automated systems or carry out external verification checks with third-party service providers. This typically assists with the speed of verification and cuts out any delays you may experience.

What causes delays during the verification process?

The verification process at sweepstakes casinos can vary from site to site. However, they are generally the same in relation to processing times when registering for the first time or requesting a prize withdrawal or redemption.

Unfortunately, delays can occur when verifying your account due to a number of reasons, leaving you frustrated and disheartened. By taking on board the following listed points, you can minimize the possibility of any delays so that you can get your account verified quickly and be on your way to enjoying your prizes.

  • Proof of address: You must reside in an eligible state as set out by the sweepstakes casino and be able to prove the location of your residence that matches the one on your account.
  • ID: Your identification should be valid and ideally government-issued.
  • Proof of payment: Your funding source and payment methods should match your information and history of coins purchases.
  • Lack of documentation: You are avoiding or unable to provide a particular requested document that the sweepstakes casino has requested.
  • Rogue operator: Refusing or constantly rejecting the verification of your account, particularly around prize withdrawals, is a red flag. Be sure to play only with reputable sweepstake casinos to avoid rogue operators.

Payment team instructions

As you will know from reading other parts of our verification guide to sweepstakes online, a major part of verifying your account is carried out when a prize redemption or withdrawal is made.

Some sweepstakes casinos do not verify your account immediately after registering. Instead, they wait until this step before requesting further information, allowing you to sign up and enjoy any of the sweepstakes games on the platform for free, immediately.

Therefore, the verification request usually comes from the operator’s payment team via email and it is vital that you follow the instructions provided to avoid issues or delays.

Time for processing needs to be considered

When you initiate a redemption or withdrawal request, you should consider the processing time on the operator’s side.

Also, bear in mind that although you have submitted the required information and documents, the staff at the sweepstakes casino may not see it immediately.

Therefore, it can take up to 48 hours for the casino to request verification documents when a withdrawal has been requested, followed by a further 48 hours to check the documents. If additional information is needed and an exchange takes place between you and the casino, you should expect that an extra 48 hours can pass before you get an answer or confirmation.

Withdrawal times depend on payment methods

So you’ve completed your account verification and it has been confirmed by the operator, but your prize is still delayed and you’re wondering why.

This may be down to the payment method you have chosen. At some sweepstakes casinos, there are multiple options for withdrawals and each one comes with its own terms, including the time it takes to receive your withdrawal.

The average processing times for the most popular payments are listed for you below in detail:

Payment Type Ave. Processing Time
Bank transfer Can take up to 5 business days to process.
Debit/Credit Cards Can take between 3 – 5 business days to process.
E-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal Can take between one and 24 hours to process.
Cryptocurrency Usually less than 24 hours to process payments.

Conclusion: Prepare for verification in advance to avoid frustration

Our guide highlights the importance of verifying your account, including any sweepstakes casino verification times so you can manage your expectations. It is advisable to prepare for the process in advance by researching what documents are required before registering at a social or sweeps casino. This will allow you to avoid distress and frustration further down the line, particularly when it comes to redeeming prizes.

Sweepstakes casino verification guide FAQ

What is a sweepstakes casino?

If you are wondering what a sweepstakes casino is and love casino games, then you’ll be pleased to read that this type of casino allows you to play casino-style games like slots and roulette for prizes or for free. They hold many similarities to social casinos and possess many of the same qualities and attributes, such as free to play games and social interaction with other players via live chat. Learning the basics of sweepstakes casinos will allow you to play for free and with confidence without risking any of your own money.

Can I play sweepstakes casino games on my mobile?

The majority of sweepstakes casinos have websites that are mobile optimized and can be accessed on any mobile device, including tablets.Others have software or apps that you can download directly from the operator site and install on your iOS or Android handset.

How do I verify my sweepstakes casino account?

Knowing how to verify an account with a sweepstakes casino is a vital step to protecting your account and avoiding any withdrawal delays at a later date. Although each sweepstakes casino varies from one to another, the verification process is easy and involves you providing a Government-issued ID, residential address, and email address as standard.

What causes withdrawal delays at sweepstakes casinos?

It is not unusual to experience delays on your withdrawals at sweepstakes casinos. It can even be quite common, meaning it is usually nothing to worry about. There are a number of reasons why delays can occur when initiating a prize redemption, including payment method choice, account verification, missing documentation/ID.

Do I need a photo ID to play at a sweepstakes casino?

Before signing up to a sweepstakes casino or requesting a withdrawal, it is worth arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible when it comes to the rules and requirements around these free-to-play platforms. Photo ID is not initially required at all sweepstakes casinos, but is a requirement when verifying your account or making a prize redemption or withdrawal.

Where can I find verification criteria for sweeps casinos?

Each sweeps casino has its own verification criteria, so it’s important to understand what is needed to verify your account before you begin playing. Some operators provide a short list of documents they need to check directly via email, whereas others list the criteria in their terms and conditions. The docs needed may include a photo ID, proof of payment, proof of address, and email address.

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