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Play Fruit Duel Slot Machine Online 2024

Play Fruit Duel Slot Machine Online 2024

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Have a look into the vibrant world of Fruit Duel Real Money, a 3×3 grid slot machine by Hacksaw Gaming, filled with colorful and tempting fruits. Right here with us, you can explore the delights of the Fruit Duel slot machine online, enjoying it entirely for free. And if the tantalizing gameplay catches your fancy and you wish to take things up a notch, we offer insight into platforms where you can play Fruit Duel Real Money. Join us for an in-depth look into this fruity sensation and discover all the special features and secrets in our comprehensive Fruit Duel review!


If you decide to play Fruit Duel, it’s essential to know the betting range. The game welcomes players with a minimum stake of 10 p/c, going up to a more adventurous bet of £/€100 per spin. With a canvas of 17 well-structured paylines, there are ample opportunities to create winning combinations.

Fruit Duel Slot Volatility

The Fruit Duel Slot not only offers captivating gameplay but also boasts an average Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.36%. This medium-volatility slot balances out risks and rewards, making it suitable for both novices and seasoned players. And if you’re curious about its dynamics before placing real money wagers, we recommend giving the Fruit Duel free play a spin on our platform.

Fruit Duel Slot Bonus Features

Climb into the vibrant world of the Fruit Duel Slot, where an array of exciting symbols awaits to make your gaming experience more enthralling. The game brims with juicy icons, each having its unique role and winnings. Let’s look deeper into the bonus features of the Fruit Duel slot machine that make this game irresistibly captivating. Whether you’re a fan of wilds or free spins, this game has something in store for every slot enthusiast.


The wild symbol in Fruit Duel is a game-changer. Acting as a stand-in for all fruit symbols, it can land on any reel. Apart from its substitution power, when wilds form a winning combo by themselves, they can payout as lucratively as the strawberries.

Free Spins Symbol

Spotting 3 free spins symbols on the reels gifts players with a generous 10 free spins. During these free rounds, the chances of landing VS symbols increase compared to the base game, elevating the possibility of bigger wins and higher multipliers.

Duel Reels

Duel Reels is a distinct feature that kicks in when the VS symbol graces any of the reels. This symbol transforms into a full-reel wild. Additionally, when two fruit symbols bearing multipliers land on the reel, they “duel”, with the victorious fruit adding its multiplier to the entire reel.

Fruit Duel Bonus Game

Fruit Duel Slot introduces a “Buy Bonus” feature, catering to players looking for instant access to the game’s exhilarating bonus rounds. Upon accessing the Bonus Buy menu, players are presented with two exciting options:

  • FeatureSpins: For 10x the play amount, gamers can activate the FeatureSpins. Every spin in this mode hopes for the appearance of at least one VS symbol, further enhancing the player’s chances of triggering the Duel Reels feature. This option operates with an RTP of 96.35%.
  • Free Spins: If players are more inclined towards the Free Spins feature, they can choose this option by parting with 80x their spin. Notably, the RTP for this choice is slightly higher at 96.36%.

By offering these bonus buy options, Fruit Duel ensures that players have greater control over their gaming experience, allowing them to jump straight into the action.

Fruit Duel Slot

Fruit Duel free play vs Fruit Duel real money

When diving into the world of the Fruit Duel slot, players often find themselves torn between two choices: playing the free Fruit Duel slot game or placing real spins in the Fruit Duel real money version. Each option has its merits and downsides, designed to please different types of players. Let’s dissect these two modes to help you make an informed choice:

Fruit Duel slot machine online (Free Play)Fruit Duel real money
– No financial risk involved.
– Perfect for practicing and getting familiar with the game mechanics.
– Allows for casual gaming without the pressure of potential losses.
– Potential for real monetary rewards.
– Excitement from real stakes.
– Access to certain features and bonuses not available in demo mode
– No real winnings, only virtual credits
– Some game features might be restricted or limited.
– Potential financial loss.
– May not be suitable for players with a limited budget

To sum it up, when you play Fruit Duel slot machine online, you are offered a risk-free environment to explore and enjoy the game, the Fruit Duel Real Money version promises the exhilarating experience of real wins and losses. Your choice boils down to personal preferences and how you like to engage with slot games.

Our verdict on the Fruit Duel slot game from Hacksaw Gaming

After an in-depth exploration and analysis of the Fruit Duel slot game, we’ve come to some compelling conclusions. Hacksaw Gaming online, known for its creative prowess, has once again demonstrated its capability to craft engaging and fun slots.

The Fruit Duel Slot casino slot offers a splendid opportunity for players to familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics without any monetary commitment. The vibrant graphics, paired with the intriguing duel feature, ensures that players remain entertained throughout their gaming experience.

For those contemplating the jump to the Fruit Duel real money version, our Fruit Duel slot review highlights the potential rewards awaiting them, especially with the inclusion of unique features like Duel Reels and the Bonus Buy option. While the stakes are real, so is the excitement, amplified by the tantalizing prospect of significant wins.

In conclusion, whether you opt for the free or real money version, Fruit Duel by Hacksaw Gaming is bound to offer a delightful gaming experience, blending traditional fruit slot elements with modern twists.


What makes the Fruit Duel slot stand out from other fruit-themed games?

Fruit Duel combines the classic allure of fruit slots with modern features like Duel Reels and Bonus Buy options, setting it apart from traditional fruit-themed games.

Can players access the Fruit Duel free play mode without any commitment?

Yes, players can enjoy the Fruit Duel free play version on our platform without registering or playing any money, offering a risk-free gaming experience.

How volatile is the Fruit Duel slot?

Fruit Duel has a medium volatility rating, striking a balance between frequency and size of potential wins.

Are there any special symbols to watch out for while playing Fruit Duel?

Certainly! Players should be on the lookout for the VS symbol, which activates the Duel Reels feature, and the Free Spins symbol that can trigger additional rounds.

How does the Bonus Buy feature work in the Fruit Duel slot?

The Bonus Buy feature allows players to directly purchase access to certain bonus rounds. For example, they can buy Feature Spins or free spins at specific multipliers of their spins.

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