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The best sweepstake gambling sites in comparison

If you’re brand new to sweepstakes gambling – even if you grasp that sweepstakes online gambling must be different from real money betting but don’t understand how or in what way – we’ve got you covered. 

We’ll be answering these questions and much more, as well as showcasing some of our US sweepstakes favorites to help you find the best sweepstakes betting sites for you. 

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Best social casino sites to play sweepstakes gambling machines

If you want to discover the best sweepstakes deals for your gaming needs, then the ideal place to start is with some of the absolute finest sweeps sites out there. Here’s some of our favorites: 

  1. Chumba Casino: One of the most popular sweepstakes sites thanks to solid design, excellent games and tons of ways to get free coins.
  2. LuckyLand: Colorful, inviting and generous, Luckyland offers a world-class sweeps experience for all kinds of users.
  3. Pulsz: Hundreds of games and big coin giveaways mean many excellent ways to play.
  4. Fortune Coins: Jackpot-focused games library and massive welcome bonus provides plenty of big winners.
  5. Stake Casino: The all-rounder, the jack-of-all-trades, this has (almost) everything a casino fan could need.
  6. BetRivers: One of the biggest names in betting also provides a new sweepstakes casino that more than lives up to their epic standards. 

Comparison table for top sweepstakes online gambling operators and promotions

Site Best For Bonus Offer Casino Games Offered 
Chumba Casino  Reliability, accessibility and sense of community.  Various. Includes daily log in offers, bonuses with purchase, social media promotions and more.  Over 100 slots, table games and jackpots. 
LuckyLand  Regular slots players.  Daily logins with bigger prizes the more you log in.  A broad selection of creative slots, jackpots and instant wins. 
Pulsz Purchase benefits.  Get no ads, exclusive games and scratchcards if you choose to buy, with plenty of freebies if you don’t.  Monster game selection with 300 plus titles of all types. 
Fortune Coins  Newcomers.  Huge welcome offer providing 500 Fortune Coins and 140,000 Gold Coins just for signing up.  50 games with a big emphasis on jackpots. 
Stake Casino  Consistent standards across many game genres.  10,000 Stake Cash every single week.  321 games at the time of writing of all kinds from slots to table games. 
BetRivers  Adapting a global leader in betting to the world of sweepstakes.  Get free credit bonuses every four hours.  The largest game selection on our list at 521 options, live and table games, and an impressive slots variety.

How money works with sweepstakes gambling

Fundamental to understanding sweepstakes legal requirements, their availability to you and in general how they work, is money. Only by understanding that can you hope to find the sweepstakes gambling machines that bring you the most joy. 

So, here, we’ll be breaking down all you need to know about money and online sweepstakes. 

1: Currency system 

  • Firstly, sweeps casinos are largely legal in most of the US. This is because they don’t allow you to bet with real money. Instead, you may only bet with in-site virtual currencies.
  • So, are sweepstakes gambling? No, they simply use similar games that are often used for gambling.
    Your in-site currencies are often called sweeps cash, sweeps coins or something similar. Sweeps coins are just tokens to play the games for fun. Sweeps cash are too, but are also sweepstakes entries

2: Coin System

  • Your virtual currencies operate the same as real cash when it comes to in-game use.
  • The main practical distinction is they don’t have to be bought, and thus, no money needs to be at stake.
  • The other difference would be the prize redemption process. Usually, you just need to trade in your sweeps cash through your banking information when you have enough to win a prize. The ability to win real cash is why a sweeps casino may be referred to as a real money sweepstakes casino

3: Acquiring coins and cash

  • Both coins and cash must be available without need of purchase for this to be considered sweepstakes online gambling.
  • The exact ways in which you can get free coins and cash does vary with operators. But it’s common, for instance, to get some through something as simple as logging in.
  • You may also buy coins for extra entertainment and access to games. Sweeps cash cannot be bought, but can be provided as an extra purchase bonus.  

4: Step-by-step guide to acquiring coins

  1. Check out the information we have on ways to redeem coins or cash in our reviews.
  2. Head over to the bookmakers and see what they advertise – often a welcome offer will be made clear on the homepage.
  3. If they have one, check out their bonus page for additional promotions. They may also have information on ways of collecting coins elsewhere on their site, such as via a terms and conditions or Help page.
  4. When creating an account, there may be an option to receive emails or texts related to promotions. If you want such info, confirm that you wish to be contacted.
  5. Keep checking in with us and with your sweepstakes online gambling casino for any new information.
  6. Be sure to complete whatever activation is required to receive coins, so long as the terms are reasonable to you. 

What makes our finest sweepstakes gambling options so special?

Every single site we recommend to you is of an extremely high standard. But what makes them stand out? Here, we’re going to talk about what exactly goes into the greatest social casinos:

chumba casino screenshot

While popularity alone doesn’t necessarily guarantee greatness, it’s a fine indicator. Plus, all those people make competitions more fun. Over a million people use Chumba Casino – and it’s easy to see why. They look great and everything works so smoothly whether you’re on PC, Mac or mobile device. 

On top of that, the game quality is immense at just over 100 games. No Chumba review could deny their quality. And with plenty of ways to get free coins – including free cash for a mail-in request – they’re an immensely satisfying, easy way of getting into sweeps casinos. 


  • Works well on tons of devices
  • Loads of ways of getting coins and cash 
  • Great competitions bolstered by large user base 
  • Over 100 games


  • High minimum withdrawal
  • No app
  • Limited portfolio

LuckyLand: Non-stop generosity 

Luckyland Screenshot

It takes mere moments to work out the appeal of LuckyLand – about as long as the sign up process, which you can access with your Facebook account. You’re immediately hit with freebies the second you enter the site, with more on offer every four hours. 

It’s easy to make up that time by enjoying their selection of slots and instant win games, enjoyable for everyone from newcomers to casino aficionados. Plus, the LuckyLand with real money system is simple and yet again, generous. One of the issues with some sweeps casinos is that it’s easy to run out of gaming options. LuckyLand appears to have solved that problem.


  • Free coins and cash come nearly as fast as you can play them 
  • Easy to sign up 
  • Social media connection 
  • Android app available


  • No iOS app
  • Non-American players not accepted
  • Only EFTs accepted for withdrawals

Pulsz: Promotionally exceptional with huge library

Pulsz Screenshot

In terms of site and game quality, no sensible commentator could deny that Pulsz is legit. They offer an absolutely mammoth game collection of 300 plus firstrate titles which are creative, varied and reliably smooth. In other words, there are few sweepstakes gambling options with as strong a foundation as Pulsz. 

Were that all they offered, it would be enough. But on top of that, they also happen to be incredibly generous from a promotional perspective. Just for starting your account, you get 5000 free coins with more daily.  And that’s before we get to their other giveaways and competitions. If that’s not enough, their purchase benefits include additional sweepstakes gambling machines, free scratchcards and the removal of ads. In terms of incentives to play, they’re hard to beat, especially as all this is available via mobile app too. 


  • Fantastic giveaways
  • Excellent purchase incentives
  • Backed up by rock solid site design 
  • One of our favorite apps


  • Not available in Washington, Idaho and Nevada
  • Does not offer an app
  • Only 2.3 Free Sweeps Coins upon signup

Fortune Coins: A jackpot extravaganza 

Fortune Coins Screenshot

If you love a good jackpot slot ,then do we have the casino for you. Fortune Coins sweepstakes hits the ground running with a colorful, well-considered interface that’s both fun and practical. Plus, they’re accessible, thanks to daily coins as well as a gigantic welcome offer providing 500 Fortune Coins and an astounding 140,000 Gold Coins. 

All this provides the perfect platform for their 50 fantastic games – many of which offer sensational jackpots. And with fast checkouts and 24-hour customer service, you know that should you win big, your prizes will be easy to redeem. If you like to play big, this could truly be a fortunate match.


  • Awesome jackpot games 
  • Massive bonus for newcomers 
  • Super fast checkouts 
  • Newcomer-friendly 


  • Lack of more specialty and table games
  • No Android or iOS app
  • Only 50 games available

Stake Casino: Sturdy, reputable and good fun 

Stake Screenshot

What does Stake Casino do well? Just about everything, we’d say. Their site is ultra slick, whether you’re on mobile or desktop. Not only does it look good but everything works as smooth as butter and a smart structure means that, even with a mass of gaming options, you’re unlikely to ever get lost. 

There’s tons of ‘no purchase necessary’ ways to get Stake Coins, including fun competitions, which open up over 200 examples of casino gaming delights from the likes of Hacksaw Gaming and Pragmatic Play for you to enjoy. They also excel in providing social elements, with busy chat rooms creating a real sense of community. The only reason we said that they should be ideal for almost anyone in our Stake casino rating is that they don’t offer live casino games right now.


  • World-class standards throughout 
  • Unbeatable reputation 
  • Unique games are excellent
  • Social elements superb


  • No mobile app offered
  • Only 1 Sweeps Coin upon Signup
  • Only crypto for withdrawal

BetRivers: As close to a real money casino experience as they come 

BetRivers Screenshot

Many of you will already be aware of BetRivers as a real money casino and a sportsbook – and an excellent one at that. The great news here is that they’ve brought those standards over to the world of sweepstakes online gambling with surprisingly few compromises. 

Naturally, you can’t bet with real money. However, free credits every four hours means you have plenty to play their collection of 521 games. It’s the largest on our list and there’s variety in areas where many others lack – particularly when it comes to table games, which often play second fiddle to slots on many sweeps casinos. 

And those games are of a world-class standard from great software developers, on as good a platform as any. In addition, they offer the ability to bet on sports for fun too: something that remains rare in sweeps betting. The only downside is that there’s no sweeps cash here, meaning no chances of cash prizes. But if you’re just here to have a good time, BetRivers is tough to beat. 


  • Virtual Credits awarded every 4 hours
  • Live Casino games offered
  • Over 500 games to try
  • Available on both mobile and desktop devices


  • No opportunity to win real money
  • Need to enable Flash to play it on desktop devices
  • Only mobile devices with iOS 9+ and Android 5.1+ compatible

Why aren’t sweepstakes considered gambling?

This is because they’re not playing with real money. Therefore, you’re not gambling anything. When people talk about sweeps and gambling, they mean betting virtual coins for fun. 

Sweepstakes vs gambling

In many ways, sweepstakes and real money gambling are similar. They both see you playing similar if not the same games, after all. But here’s a brief list of key differences between them:

  • Sweepstakes don’t allow you to play with real cash, instead requiring you to use virtual currencies. 
  • Nonetheless, you do have the possibility of winning cash prizes with sweepstakes.
  • They also have the advantage of allowing people to play without the need for any purchase. 
  • Real money casinos more often come alongside sportsbooks.
  • However, sweepstakes casinos are much more broadly legal throughout the US. 

How safe is sweepstakes gambling?

Playing on sweepstakes gambling machines should be entirely safe just so long as you utilize reputable casinos. We can help with that through our expert reviews and recommendations.

While we certainly don’t want to assume the different ways in which people enjoy sweeps casinos, we do think there are a few common reasons people like sweepstakes online gambling so much. For instance:

  • It’s safe and legal throughout much of the US.
  • It allows for access to  casino games without any need for purchase or deposit.
  • It has great social elements in many instances.
  • There’s lots of promotions and competitions.
  • Plus, big chances of winning fabulous prizes.

What are gold coins and sweeps coins?

We use the term sweeps coins for your base virtual currency on sweeps casinos. They could be called something else, like Gold Coins. Essentially, sweeps and gold coins both refer to the non sweepstakes entry virtual currency available from USA sweepstakes casinos

Five ways to make choosing a sweeps gaming platforms easier

While we can help point you in the right direction, your final decision on which sweeps casino works for you is your choice. Making that choice is easiest once what you want is clear to you, so here’s a few ways of streamlining that process:

  1. Read our reviews: Not only do our reviews only recommend the best social casinos but they also provide tons of information to help you figure out what will suit your style of play. Check them out.
  2. Consider your logistical needs: There are sometimes practical requirements that are important to consider when tracking down the right sweepstakes site. For instance, would you prefer a sweeps app, what are your geographical needs, and how would you like to pay if you plan on buying coins. 
  1. Make note of your experience preference: These are things you would like in a site, but perhaps aren’t quite the deal breakers or core logistical needs. For example, how would you prefer your social betting sites to look, or do they allow you to log in through social media. 
  1. What do you want from giveaways?:  Social casinos must be free to play without purchase – that means gambling sites with free coins giveaways. What would you like them to look like? Do you care about the coin/cash ratio, and are there some methods – such as competitions – you would find more fun than others. 
  1. Consider what games you like: A big part of any social casino is the games. So, what games are you interested in? Go further, if you mainly play online sweepstakes slot machines, consider specifically what style of slots you enjoy. Then, consider if there are any kind of games you would like to try out in the future. With so much out there, there’s no need to go without. 

Ever-expanding choice means it’s vital to have a good guide 

We don’t necessarily think it’s tough to find a decent sweeps casino. The standards are pretty high all around. Finding the best possible sweepstakes gambling experience possible is tougher. We hope that this page has served as a kind of map through such an abundance of options, and has shown you what some of the finest look like, how they work and how to find the right match for you. There’s plenty more where that came from across our many guides, reviews and informative sweeps pages. 

Sweepstakes gambling FAQs

How do sweepstakes betting sites compare to real money casinos?

The only way you’re going to be able to track down the right sweepstakes betting site for you is to first understand what they’re all about. And what better way of wrapping your head around the way sweeps casinos work than to explain how they’re different to regular, real money casinos? That’s why, as part of our page all about the best sweepstakes casinos, we also take the time to break down the key sweepstakes and real cash casino distinctions.

What makes some sweeps casinos better than others?

There are certain things that all sweeps casinos must have in common legally. However, some are certainly better than others. So, what makes the difference? Wonder no more. We explain what makes some of our social casino favorites so special to aid in your search for social gaming greatness.

How can I find the right sweepstakes betting site for me?

Our page about comparisons between the best sweepstakes casinos can provide you with a base knowledge on sweepstakes, so you can discover your favorites here at We also provide specific advice on making this process easier so you have all the tools you could possibly need to begin finding the perfect sweepstakes betting site for you, including our own expert recommendations.

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