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10,000 Gold Coins + 1 Sweeps Coin


$20 every 4 hours + Up To $1,000 Virtual Credits


300 Free Sweeps upon registration


5,000 Gold Coins


2 Million Gold Coins + 2 Sweeps Coins


7,777 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins


All about the Coinbase Sweepstakes Giveaways

You might not associate the trading platform Coinbase with sweepstakes. Yet, once you find out they have regular giveaways you are likely to want to know all about it. You can even enter the draw even if you aren’t a member, so you need to know what to expect if you don’t want to miss out on this often overlooked chance to win generous prizes.

  • Generous prizes on offer
  • Multiple entries allowed
  • More exclusive sweeps
  • Free entry by mail
Address Coinbase Sweepstakes Ventura Associates, Intl. LLC 494 8th Avenue, Suite 1700 New York, NY 10001
Regulated by: United States Laws

What is Coinbase Sweepstakes?

Coinbase is a well known digital currency trading platform, so you might be surprised to find that they have regular sweepstakes. In fact, as Coinbase sweeps are not placed front and center of the site, you might stumble across them by accident – but you are likely to be glad that you did. 

It is important to remember, though, that the sweeps do not fit the same mold as you might have seen elsewhere at new sweeps casinos. This includes the entry process which is covered in detail later on, as well as the rules which govern each of the prize sweeps. 

What Sweepstakes are offered?

Before you choose to enter, you’ll want to know what is in it for you. Coinbase offers a variety of prizes, often in conjunction with other companies. Again, these are different from those who deal with other sweeps brands, so you might find some unique prizes here. This is best illustrated by their most recent headline sweep. 

NBA x Coinbase Sweepstakes

This sweep has eight draws over the active period, and you could have entered once for each draw. There is a particularly generous main prize on offer for two winners in each of these eight draws consisting of an NBA prize package: 

  • Admission for the winner and up to 14 guests to an NBA game of their choice
  • $3500 food and beverage allowance
  • $3,000 in Bitcoin to be provided to the winner’s Coinbase account
  • 2 jerseys from the NBA team of their choice

In addition to this, 16 runners-up received a pair of season tickets for an NBA team of their choice, as well as a pair of jerseys.

This sweepstake was run at the end of last year, so is now over and you can no longer enter.

Other sweeps are not quite this spectacular but are still very generous, as you can see from other previous sweeps at Coinbase.

Coinbase One Sweepstakes

This sweep has three main prize winners and 300 runners-up prizes. There was only one entry allowed per subscriber or mail entrant per entry period, and you could have won 

  • 1 of 3 $10,000 in Bitcoin (BTC)
  • 1 of 300 $100 in Bitcoin (BTC)

These prizes would then be credited to your Coinbase account. Unfortunately, this sweepstake is now over and you can no longer enter.

Coinbase X Hypebeast Trading Sweepstakes

This is another sweep with three entry periods, again each allowing one entry, this time subject to purchase, or free handwritten mail entry. The prizes on offer here for each entry period were a $3000 Hypebeast gift card and a $1000 Visa gift card to spend on transport and other costs to get you there.

This sweepstake like the others is now over and you can no longer enter. However, this illustrates the point that they have a different type of prize than what you might be used to. 

Coinbase Sweepstakes Review – Can you really win?

Now that you have seen what is on offer, you are likely to want to find out more about how it all works. After all, those are very attractive prizes. Before you go any further, you’ll want to know some key things about Coinbase sweepstakes like if you can trust a company you wouldn’t normally associate with sweeps. 

Is Coinbase sweepstakes legit?

This is a very different operation from the other you may have seen when entering sweepstakes before. For a start, the entry process is very different, especially if you want to enter for free. However, Coinbase is a trusted digital currency trading platform so you can be sure that everything is above board and legit.

What are your chances of winning a prize with Coinbase free online sweepstakes?

With these sweeps being slightly more obscure than others, and the fact that being a subscriber is part of the entry process, you might think that you have a reasonable chance of winning a prize with Coinbase sweepstakes. However, you need to be realistic and remember there are many thousands of Coinbase subscribers, and potentially many thousands more in mail entries. This means that your chances are still quite limited, as draws are being made from a very large pot.

Is Coinbase sweepstakes real?

The draws are real, and winners are notified by email detailing what they have won. If you are unsuccessful yourself but want to know who did win, you can send Coinbase an email and they will send a list of recent winners. 

What you do need to be aware of, is that unless you want to submit a handwritten entry, you will have to join Coinbase or make a trade from your existing account. As you will see in more detail later on, if you win from a mail entry, you will still need to open an account to receive your prize. This is a paid subscription but does have a 30-day free trial, so you need to be aware of what you are joining before you sign-up.

Are there any negative Coinbase sweepstakes reviews

There is very little in the way of online feedback for Coinbase sweepstakes, except one thread from a couple of years ago. Like all online threads for anything like this, there are equal amounts of people saying they had won and were happy, and those decrying it all as a scam. This does not serve as proof one way or the other.  

Coinbase sweepstakes entry

As you will have already seen, entry to the Coinbase sweepstakes is not a simple free email entry. To be included in the draw you will have to do one or more of the following: 

  • Open a Coinbase account
  • Opt into the relevant sweepstake
  • Renew a subscription either monthly or annually
  • Make a trade – sometimes of a specified currency

As this is a paid subscription, you are having to make a purchase to enter unless you opt for a handwritten mail entry. 

Coinbase sweepstakes mail entries

Another thing you might not expect from a digital currency platform is the ability to mail in handwritten entries. This is important to know as it is the only way to enter for free – unless you cancel the subscription during the 30-day trial period.

The entry cannot be typed or photocopied and will need to contain specified details, most commonly your contact details and which sweep you are entering. This needs to be received by the closing date indicated online. 

All entries via the website will receive a confirmation email. However, this does not happen with postal entries, so you will never know for sure that your entry was received unless you win.

Coinbase sweepstakes rules

The rules for each sweep may vary slightly,  but all follow the same general guidelines. To enter, you need to be a legal resident of the District of Columbia or any of the US states – excluding Hawaii and Alaska. You also have to be over 18, or whatever the age of majority is where you happen to live. Those entering via the website or app will also need to meet the criteria set out to have a Coinbase account.

Those entering by mail will also have to open a coinbase account to receive their winnings or forfeit the prize. Potential winners need to respond to their notification within 48 hours, complete registration and also complete all of the necessary tax forms before they collect their prize.

As with all sweeps, employees of Coinbase or any partner companies involved in the sweeps are not eligible. This extends to their immediate family and those living in the same house as them, whether they are related or not.

Coinbase Sweepstakes compared to other sweepstakes events

As you will be aware, Coinbase is not the only sweepstakes around, and you might be interested in knowing what else is available before opening an account there. As a reminder, Coinbase has:

  • Paid or free postal entry
  • A range of unusual prizes
  • Digital currency rewards
  • Sweeps with several entry periods

HGTV sweepstakes

You won’t find as many unusual prizes at HGTV sweepstakes, but like Coinbase, they do not always offer simple online entries. While there is no paid subscription to sign-up for, codes released during broadcasts can mean you will have to watch some of the shows before you can enter. The draws at HGTV are also more frequent than those at Coinbase, although you are restricted to entering twice a day through them or one of their sister sites.

PCH sweepstakes

There are no such restrictions to PCH sweepstakes entry, and you can get involved with most sweeps as many times as you want. The prizes here are large cash amounts, as well as lifestyle based prizes, and unlike Coinbase are free to enter. Although you will find most Publishers Clearing House sweepstake entry forms will require your address.

Travel Channel sweepstakes

There are so many sweeps on offer here that you might be wondering is Travel Channel sweepstakes real. But, we can confirm the answer is yes and they can be entered simply by entering your email and sometimes your name as well. As you might expect from a travel brand, the prizes here are travel related or include large checks towards a dream holiday. This site differs from Coinbase in that there is free email entry, not just by post – but like Coinbase, the sweeps are not quite as frequent.

Jeopardy sweepstakes

On the other hand, the sweeps at Jeopardy sweepstakes are much more frequent than at Coinbase – so many in fact, that you ask yourself is Jeopardy sweepstakes real? Luckily, everything here is above board and entry can be made by email or by liking a social media post with the correct hashtag. There are holidays to be won here, as well as consumer home electronics, so very different from the types of prizes you would find at Coinbase.

Food Network sweepstakes

The prizes at Food Network sweepstakes are not like those at Coinbase, either, and there are also many other differences. Online entries are free and there is no postal option, but like Coinbase, entries are limited – with the maximum being twice a day. However one of those two entries would have to be on one of Food Network’s sister sites, which are all accessible from the sweepstakes page.

BHG Sweepstakes

BHG sweepstakes entry is free, too, and also differs from Coinbase in that they have daily sweeps as well as the longer term draws. These smaller draws only allow you to enter once, and are typically for cosmetics or household goods. The larger draws are for some hefty cash amounts, often between $25K and $15K, and entries for these are usually unlimited.

QVC sweepstakes

Like Coinbase, sweeps at QVC are daily or weekly, and typically only occur a few times a year. Also like Coinbase, they will have multiple prize winners and a range of runners-up prizes. QVC sweepstakes is legit and, as such, the entries here are free, but the rules regarding the number of entries can vary from sweep to sweep.

Conclusion – Coinbase is an important addition to the range of sites offering sweepstakes

While Coinbase is not the first name that springs to mind when you think about sweepstakes, they have a lot to offer. Because Coinbase is so different, the prizes to be won are different, too, which is likely to be important to a lot of potential players. 

You might be put off by the joining requirement and any subsequent costs incurred. It is a condition of receiving a prize, even if you make a free postal entry, so is something to consider before you start. Overall, Coinbase sweepstakes is a legit operation that offers a variety of prizes that you should check out rather than disregard.

Coinbase Sweepstakes FAQ

Are Coinbase sweepstakes a scam?

Of all things you might associate with this digital trading platform, sweepstakes are unlikely to be one of them. For that reason, you could be skeptical of whether or not this was all legit. However Coinbase sweeps are 100% legit, they are just offering a new perspective on the idea of sweeps casinos.

Can you enter Coinbase sweepstakes for free?

At first glance, it might seem that Coinbase sweepstakes are only open to those who have an active Coinbase subscription. However, you can enter Coinbase sweeps by mail, or during the free 30-day trial period after signing up.

Does Coinbase only offer prizes in digital currency?

As Coinbase is a digital currency trading platform, you might expect anything to do with their sweepstake operation to be solely based on those currencies. While this is mostly the case, there are prizes like gift cards and tickets to VIP events as well.

How much are Coinbase sweepstake prizes worth?

Sweepstake prizes tend to vary massively depending on the operation and who the companies involved happen to be. This is no different with Coinbase, where prizes can involve $100 gift cards, $1000s worth of VIP tickets to sporting events, or a $3000 shopping spree with $1000 traveling expenses.

How often do Coinbase sweepstakes occur?

Many sweepstakes casinos have sweeps that end daily or weekly, but that is not the case at Coinbase. The sweeps there are few and far between and might only occur a few times a year, but with top-level prizes.

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