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Sweepstakes gaming is great fun but it gets a whole lot more enjoyable if you use some Sweepstakes casino hacks. This is where our guide comes in as we’ll show you some legendary sweepstakes casino cheats to keep you entertained. 

Many of these cheats have gone down in folklore and a few of them have become obsolete. So, we’ve included a few legit tips you can use to get a helping hand at the new generation of sweepstakes casino sites. All of this should help you rely more on just good fortune when you play at your favorite sweepstakes casino. 

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Notorious sweepstakes casino cheats over the years 

There have been many spectacular efforts from players who wanted to figure out how to cheat the casino over the past few decades. While many of these sweepstakes casino hacks seem comical at first, they proved to be pretty successful. 

Obviously, there’s a big difference between using these sweepstakes casino cheats at an old-fashioned physical casino and a website of some social gaming LLC brands. Still, they could provide you with plenty of inspiration the next time that you want to beat a sweepstakes casino. 

Here are the main types of sweepstakes casino cheats:

  • Mechanical casino cheats
  • Counterfeit casino hacks
  • Software-based casino cheats

The legendary yo-yo casino scam

This is one of the most famous sweepstakes casino cheats of all-time. It doesn’t actually use a yo-yo, but instead has a coin and a piece of string. You are supposed to attach the string to the coin and then dangle the coin into the slot to trigger the game and then you can pull out the coin and enjoy playing the game for free. Obviously this isn’t the kind of hack you can try at table games and it’s not going to survive in the Internet Age, but we had to include it here. 

Hacking with a ‘light wand’

This is definitely one of the more innovative sweepstakes casino cheats, although it sadly doesn’t involve using a lightsaber. Instead, one gamer used a bright LED light on a camera to effectively blind the sensor on a slot machine. This meant that the sensor didn’t know how many coins had been inserted and it also didn’t know how many coins to pay out. As a result, the gamer was able to fool the machine into giving him thousands in winnings. However, the gamer was eventually caught and received a lifetime ban from visiting casinos. 

Sweepstakes casino cheats that use piano wire

This was a trick used by a group of gamers back in the 1980s. It basically meant dangling a 20-inch piece of thin piano wire into a slot machine until it meddled with the mechanical reels that determined whether the players won or not. Interestingly, this trick actually worked and the group of gamers won some massive jackpots as a result. Thankfully, times have changed and you can now simply pick up some online casino free spins rather than having to do anything illegal like the piano wire trick.

All about the Front-Back Joint hack 

They don’t make sweepstakes casino cheats like this anymore. It’s a slightly more advanced version of the piano wire trick and it uses a two-part homemade device. The top part is a q-shaped piece of metal that’s inserted into the coin slot of the slot machine and the bottom part is a long wire that’s put into the coin chute. By jiggling the Front-Back Joint around, the players were able to force the slot into releasing all of its coins. Again, completely illegal, but another way to beat those one-armed bandits.  

The Monkey Paw cheat

Another fancy mechanical contraption here and it was used by a gamer to fool the new generation of video slots in the 1980s to serve up some free winnings. How it worked was that the gamer would get a guitar string attached to a bent mental shaft and then jam this down the slot into the air drain and eventually hit the coin dispenser. This would release the trigger and the gamer would pick up all of the coins for free. Not something that you’ll be able to use at the best VIP sweepstakes casinos, but handy to know all the same. 

All of the above hacks are mechanical and they work in the following way:

  • Craft an implement specific to the slot game
  • Use the implement to fool the game into releasing coins
  • Pick up the coins free of charge

Sweepstakes casino hacks using shaved coins 

This is another sweepstakes coin that relies on primitive technology rather than anything too fancy. All that the cheater did here was to ‘shave’ a regular coin in a way that would fool the optical sensor in the slot machine. This would let the player play the game, but the shaved coin would be returned in a way that would allow for another round of free gameplay.

Cheating with counterfeit coins

This hack isn’t one that you’re going to want to try for any sweepstakes gambling near me as it’s completely illegal. However, there have been numerous examples of gamers duplicating regular coins to make a counterfeit currency that they use at casinos. This means that they don’t actually pay any real money to play but instead use fake coins that have no cash value. Obviously, any returns made with the counterfeit currency would be expected to be real.

The Ticket-in Ticket-out hack

This is another one of those sweepstakes casino hacks that might fade away in the modern era. It was used at a time where casinos implemented a kind of ticketing system to use as stakes rather than regular currency. The idea would be that the gamer would pay for some tickets and then photocopy these to use the counterfeit tickets when it came to cashing out. Modern technology has meant that it’s much easier to spot such illegal activity so it looks like the Ticket-in Ticket-out hack is a thing of the past. 

Using Cheat Codes

Anyone looking for sweepstakes casino hacks will need to be aware of the story of the cheat codes. These were used by an engineer who worked for the Nevada Gaming Commission. He was supposed to use these codes to ensure that the slot games were paying out fairly but instead he used them to engineer himself some massive wins. All of this shows that it’s not just those sweeps casino promo codes that can serve up some big rewards. 

Chip replacement sweepstakes casino hacks 

Sweepstakes casino cheats have evolved over the years and this is something that can be seen in these chip replacement hacks. Here one enterprising gamer decided to beat the new generation of computerized slot machines by buying one of his own, taking it apart and understanding how it worked. He realized that the slot’s computer chips were completely reprogrammable and so he created a bunch of reprogrammed chips. From here, he hired a team of scammers who went to lots of different casinos and installed the reprogrammed chips into slot machines while no one was looking. This meant that he could simply pick up some huge jackpots thanks to the careful manipulation of the computer chips. 

Software-based sweepstakes casino cheats 

You’ll need plenty of technological know-how to make use of this hack. It basically involves understanding the coding behind an online slot game so as to benefit from whenever a glitch or bug occurs. This means somehow being able to trigger a jackpot from an online slot game simply by altering your gameplay so as to make the bug occur. Just bear in mind that glitches can work both ways and lots of gamers have been denied some winnings as a result of software bugs. Plus, the best poker sites and sweepstakes casinos will be working hard to make sure that no glitches are present in their games. 

The above hacks require a little more sophistication than the mechanical hacks, and they tend to work in the following ways:

Type of hack Name of hack
Mechanical casino cheats Yo-yo
Light wandPiano wireFront-Back jointMonkey paw
Counterfeit casino hacks Shaved coins
Counterfeit coins
Ticket-in Ticket-out
Software-based casino cheats Cheat codes
Chip replacement
Software bug hacks

Actual sweepstakes casino hacks that work 

The vast majority of the above sweepstakes casino cheats use some pretty primitive technology to win at physical casinos. They also have a fairly limited shelf-life because once these sweepstakes casino hacks have been used, most gaming brands will get wise to them. 

As a result, it’s probably far smarter to invest some time into understanding how each game works so that you can win fairly and squarely. So leave those old-fashioned sweepstakes casino cheats to one side for now, and focus on these handy gaming strategies instead. 

Aim for smaller jackpots

OK, so this can’t be classed as being one of those sweepstakes casino cheats, but it’s still a good tip. It basically means that you aim to get lots of smaller wins rather than just chasing after that massive jackpot. This may seem counterintuitive because those progressive jackpots are much more eye-catching. However, anyone with any experience of slot gaming will know that progressive jackpots are very hard to win.

So how do you know which slots to play? Well, each slot will have a statistic called volatility that refers to how frequently and how large its payouts are. A low volatility slot will give you more frequent payouts but these tend to be smaller. A high volatility slot will have less frequent payouts but they will be larger.

As such, you should aim to play the low volatility slots because on average you’ll get more wins. The good news is that all decent sweepstakes casino sites have dozens of slots and you can do some research online where you’ll easily be able to find information about the volatility of these games. Perfect for beating the sweepstakes casinos over time. 

Avoid video slots

Many gamers have found that those video slots with overly complicated graphics and fancy bonus features tend to pay out worse than the standard slot games. This is because video slots tend to play much slower than the classic fruit machine slots. As they take longer to play, it means that the top social casino gaming companies earn less back from them over time, and their return to player percentage (RTP) will be adjusted accordingly. 

The return to player percentage refers to how much a casino game will pay out on average over time. Slots games have a notoriously poor RTP compared to table games like baccarat and blackjack, and video slots are even worse. 

The good news is that most slots games from major software developers like VGW Gaming have a relatively generous RTP, and you’ll get a lot of choice in terms of the games on offer. Just remember that the simplest slots will usually give you a better chance of winning compared to those video slots with all of the extra features that you don’t really need. 

Play fixed-payout slots 

This is another one of those sweepstakes casino hacks that relies on being smart rather than using any kind of gimmicks. Fixed payout slots will pay you regardless of how much you wager, how many people play and all other variables. This is in direct contrast with those progressive jackpots where the jackpot gets larger and your chances of winning smaller as more people play. 

While fixed payout slots may seem less attractive as a result of their relatively modest prizes, they can be used to get a much better chance of winning over time. This takes us back to the main point that the best sweeps slots are always those that pay consistently well, rather than serving up the occasional huge jackpot prize.

As a result, we can see that playing slots is largely about balancing risk and reward. Obviously you’ll want a fair chance of getting a modest prize for playing, and this is why you should always research the mechanics of each slot game that you play first. If you do this, you’ll keep a cool head and be guided by your chances of winning rather than being blinded by the potential of winning any progressive jackpot prizes. 

Use all available promos 

One of the best things about playing casino games in the modern era is that most online gaming sites have bonuses available. These are those special offers that can work in different ways to give you a much better chance of getting something back from your gaming. 

Most of these deals come in the form of a welcome bonus for new customers such as the exclusive MIKBONUS promo code at that serves up a 5% rakeback bonus. However, you might also see some deals for existing customers. 

Here is a quick rundown of all of the different kinds of bonuses you might be able to get so that you can boost your chances of beating the sweepstakes casinos:

  • Welcome bonus: These deals are only available for brand new customers who sign up to the sweepstakes casino for the first time
  • Daily login bonus: By getting this kind of casino login bonus you might get free credit every time that you log into your account
  • No deposit bonuses: Everyone loves an online casino no deposit bonus as these will give you promo credit without it costing you a single dime
  • Free spins and bonus spins: Here you’ll get credit that you can only use on specific slot games
  • Matched deposit offers: This is where you have to make a qualifying deposit and then you’ll receive promo credit depending on how much money you put down
  • Rakeback deals: These offers will give you rakeback based on how much of a house edge each game you play has
  • Refund offers: This is a deal where your wagering stake would be refunded with site credit that you can use to have a second chance

While all of these deals are a lot of fun, they are only as good as the terms and conditions that define them. This is why you should always take the time to read through the terms and conditions so that you understand exactly what you’re getting when you use these bonuses. 

Conclusion – Keep it here for more sweepstakes casino cheats 

We’ve shown you that some players have shown plenty of innovation in how they have come up with their sweepstakes casino hacks to walk away from pretty much any casino with prizes. Interestingly, it seems that the ones that have worked best are those that use some pretty old-school techniques to beat the system.

It’s going to be interesting to see if any of these sweepstakes casino hacks can survive into the modern era. Certainly, the majority of new sweeps coin casinos will be immune to these kinds of cheats so you’ll have to use a little more gaming know-how if you want to win more often. Make sure that you check back to this guide to see if any 21st century sweepstakes casino hacks emerge. 

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a veteran in the online casino industry, with over a decade of experience. He is an expert on the subject, and has written extensively about it. Michael enjoys playing casino games himself, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his experience.

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