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Where is Stake.US Legal? Find out all the legal Stake US states.

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As you have the chance to win cash prizes at, you might be wondering if playing slots and table games there is legal, especially if you live in a state where real money casinos are not allowed. Confusion over this might mean you are hesitant to get started, and you might miss out on an enjoyable experience.

The very broad answer here is yes, it is legal to play at – but you need to look in more detail to get the definitive answer. We will show you how to be certain of it!

To understand why is legal in states where real money casinos are not available, you need to look at the way it operates. It is a type of social casino known as a sweepstakes casino, which is free to play, but also gives you the opportunity to win prizes. This is due to the fact that you can use two different types of virtual coins to play Gates of Olympus at Stake casino, or any of the other slots or table games that are available.

Gold Coins

The first of these two different types are Gold Coins, which are used purely for playing games and having fun. These are the same as you might find in a regular social casino and have no value except at

Stake Cash

The other type of coin is Stake Cash, which can be played on the same games as Gold Coins, except you play in premium mode. Winnings from premium play are paid out in Stake Cash and can be redeemed for cash prizes when the right conditions and thresholds are met. 

It is using these virtual coins, instead of real cash deposits and withdrawals, that makes legal to play across nearly all of the country.

Once you understand this, you might think that because no deposits or withdrawals are being made, sweepstakes casinos would be legal across the whole country, but that isn’t the case. Sweepstakes casinos need to operate according to sweepstakes legislation, which, like gambling laws, will vary from state to state.

That means that while is available almost everywhere in the US, just 5 states miss out. These are Washington, New York, Idaho, Kentucky, and Michigan, which have local legislation that excludes many sweepstakes casinos from operating. However, everywhere else you will be able to play Mines at, or your choice from a wide range of other games.

How does enforce these rules?

Making sure these rules are adhered to is down to Stake, so naturally, they have measures in place. First of all, anyone trying to access from outside the US is politely redirected to If you are accessing from within, they check your details when you register. 

This is a quite straightforward process that involves you completing a form to set up your account. As well as providing your email and setting up your password, you will also have to fill in your name, address, and date of birth. In addition to this, you need to provide a government-issued ID to confirm you are who you say you are.

Cash in on the exclusive welcome bonus when you register

As part of this process, you will also be able to claim your welcome bonus. If you were wondering what the Stake casino bonus is, then you will be pleased to find it is not just a stack of coins you might get through in less than an hour, 

By entering the code SWEEPCASH when registering, you will be able to claim an exclusive 5% rakeback bonus. This means that a small portion of your losses are credited back to your account. Not only does this offer rewards straight away, but you will also be benefitting from this bonus over the long term as well.

Conclusion – Knowing where to play at legally gives you plenty of options

The fact that is legal in so many places is one of the reasons to play at, and another is the chance to win cash prizes. You also have a wide range of slots and table games, including some live dealer options. There is also a VIP Club and continual promotions, all of which make an attractive proposition, even if you have the chance to play for real money elsewhere.   

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