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Stake Cash Rollover Requirement (September 2023)

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Some of the appeal of is the large roster of slots and table games, and the fact that you can play them in many states where real money casinos are not yet legal. However, it is the fact that you can also win cash prizes that catches the eye of many prospective players.

If you are joining for that reason, you need to make sure you know how the process works so you don’t miss out. To do that, you should look at the virtual coin system and any rollover requirements you need to meet before you claim your prize.

Gold Coins and Stake Cash at is a type of social casino called a sweepstakes casino. These are like ‘real money’ casinos but use virtual coins instead of USD to play the slots and table games for free. Regular social casinos just use one type of coin, often referred to as a Gold Coin or GC to play the games for entertainment and enjoyment. 

Sweepstakes casinos like also use a second type of coin, generally called a sweeps coin. Most sweepstakes casinos will rebrand these in line with their operation, so sweeps coins at are called Stake Cash, and it is these that you can use to win prizes.

Gold Coins are more abundant than Stake Cash, and as exchanging Gold Coins for cash on is not possible, you need to find other ways to get more Stake Cash. You can do this by logging in each day for your daily bonus, via the promotions both on-site and on social media, and surprisingly, by sending in a request by mail. You can also receive some as a free gift if you buy a pack of Gold Coins.

Playing with Stake Cash at

Once you have this cash, you need to meet certain requirements before you can redeem any of it for a prize. This is done by playing the games on the site in premium mode. You don’t need to learn how to get a stake casino premium account to do this, as you simply need to play using Stake Cash.

When you play games with GC, you do so in standard mode, and any winnings are paid in GC. When you switch to premium mode, you will automatically start playing with SC, and all winnings are paid out in SC. When SC have been played through 3x, they then become redeemable. 

This might seem like it would be hard to keep track of, but that is not the case at all as your account dashboard will show you how many SC you can redeem. Playing through 3x might not seem like such a big deal when you have games like blackjack on with a house edge of 0.6% or lower, but you also need to remember that they are all games of chance, and no winnings are guaranteed.

Redeeming your Stake Cash for prizes at

Once these requirements have been met, you can, if you choose, redeem your SC for either a gift card, merchandise, or a transfer to your e-wallet. The exchange rate makes 1 SC equivalent to 1 USD, so you can work out what is the best of the three methods for you. There may be charges added depending on the method you choose, and you should check with Stake what the minimum threshold for each method is, as these can vary.

Gift card

The threshold here is likely to be lower than a cash redemption and will be sent to the email address you have registered with Before doing this you should check they have the right email address on file, as they are not responsible if it is sent to an old or non-working email address.


The number of SC you will need to redeem here will vary according to the merchandise you request, and this will be sent to the address you provided when registering. As with the gift card, you are responsible for ensuring this is correct.

Transfer to your e-wallet

This will be sent to the payment method you have on file at You may have used this if you bought a pack of coins at some point, so again you need to make sure this is correct. As with all of the redemption methods here, if you think any of the details are wrong you need to contact customer service to get it remedied before you begin the process.

Conclusion – Meeting rollover requirements makes you eligible for real prizes at

Meeting the rollover requirements at is nowhere near as convoluted as at real money casinos, making redeeming SC a simple process. That means that whether you want to play Dice on casino or any of the other games, you can play either for your enjoyment or in the hope of winning a prize, making an appealing option for all sweepstakes casino players.

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