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Skillz Games Reviews 2024

Skillz Games: Get bonus cash prizes when you deposit funds into your account

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  • You can wager on a variety of events at Skillz Games
  • They provide you with an opportunity to win prizes
  • Their wager is placed for as little as $0.60
  • Skillz Games provides a large, inclusive, and vibrant community for its users
  • Several players participate in the daily tournaments. Hence, new and existing users require consistent practice to win regularly
  • Sometimes, withdrawals are delayed

Is Skillz Games Legit & Safe?

Skillz Games is a legit and safe mobile games platform where you can compete with other players to win real money. In addition to being compliant with U.S. laws, Skillz Games reviews have shown that they provide security for your personal information using secure TLS encryption. 

Skillz Games legit status is a must-know for you as a player. Before you start depositing funds and playing in tournaments, you’ll need to understand how the platform functions and how you can win prizes.

Address  1061 Market Street, 6th Floor San Francisco, CA 94103
Welcome Bonus Skillz Games do not offer welcome bonuses
Owner Andrew Paradise
License N/A

What is Skillz Games?

Skillz is a mobile gaming platform that connects game lovers and creators through entertaining and fair competitions. The platform supports creators to commercialize their games by developing multi-million dollar franchises and enabling social competition among players. Skillz Games reviews have also shown that in addition to their anti-cheat technology, the platform matches players with the same skill level to foster fairness. 

How to play at Skillz Games

To play Skillz Games, you’ll need to visit their website to get a complete list of the available games, choose your preferred game, and download it on your mobile device. Then you can register and deposit real money to enter paid tournaments. 

Create an account with Skillz Games

Creating an account on Skillz Games relies on the platform used. You can download games directly from their site, Apple, or Google Play Store. When you visit the Skillz website, click on “Players” at the top border of the website. Next, click on “Find Your Game”. You will be redirected to a page that contains a list of available games to choose from. 

When you select the game you choose, you will be provided with a QR code to scan. Scanning the QR code will take you to the respective app store of your device. You can then proceed to download the game from the app store. 

After downloading your preferred game, you will be prompted to create an account with a username, email address, and password. Providing the requested information will complete your account creation process.

Skillz Games login

After downloading the app, creating an account will log you in if you’re a new user. Existing users remain logged into the app after their initial sign-in.  

Skillz Games verification process

You must go through a verification process to be eligible for a payout. The team at Skillz will contact you to start your verification process, or you will be prompted to do it when making withdrawals. 

The verification process is often done via a live video call session of you playing any of the games. This step is necessary if you want to win higher rewards on several games. They also have the option of requesting users to upload videos of them playing their games, with specific instructions for the content, like:

  1. Mention your username in the video. 
  2. A brief introduction of yourself. 
  3. The video must not be edited or manipulated in any way. 
  4. Play a list of games given to you on the video.
  5. Screen-recorded videos will not be acceptable. 

To successfully verify, these instructions must be correctly fulfilled. If not, the verification process will be repeated, and failure to verify your account can lead to temporary/permanent freezing of the account or withdrawal restrictions. 

How long do Skillz Games need to verify?

After you upload your video, It takes two days for Skillz Games to verify your account and grant you access to your account. You can also make withdrawals after your verification. 

Skillz Games promotions

Unlike regular sweepstakes casinos, you cannot get a Skillz Games login bonus. However, you can visit and use the bonus code SWEEPSCASH to receive bonuses from new sweeps casinos. There are currently no Skillz Games sweepstakes and Skillz Games promo codes, but watch this space as we hope they will add some soon. 

No deposit bonus

Skillz Games does not have a no-deposit bonus offer. However, bonus cash prizes are available when you deposit funds into your account. The deposit bonus differs by the amount deposited.

Referral bonus

Many industries have utilized referrals as a recruitment strategy to increase their customer base, and Skillz Games are no stranger to its relevance. Skillz Games offer a respectable $15 bonus for every successful referral. Fattening your wallet with Skillz Games real money got easier.

Promo codes

Skillz Games no deposit promo codes are not in service yet, and neither are there any login bonuses. But you can visit to use the promo code SWEEPSCASH to redeem bonuses when you join the best new sweepstakes casinos. 

Free sweeps

Skillz Games free sweeps are not available right now, but you can get referral bonuses when you invite friends to play their games or bonuses from deposits to keep playing your favorite games. 

Free spins

Skillz Games free spins do not exist, but you can play any game on the platform for free without making real money deposits. 

How does Skillz Games work?

The practice rounds and all of the games on the Skillz platform are free to download, but you must use real money to participate in and win tournaments. You can win virtual currency through practice games and use them to buy tournament entries. 

From Skillz Games reviews, the website accepts various payment options and allows deposits for as low as $0.60. You can always withdraw the money you win into the payment method of your choice whenever you wish. Any payments over the deposited sums are made via check or PayPal. 

Does Skillz Games pay real money?

Skillz Games pays out real cash won from paid tournaments after account verifications are carried out successfully. 

How to win money on Skillz Games

To win real money on Skillz Games, you must deposit real cash and participate in paid tournaments. You get paid when you win tournaments or events. 

Skillz Games payment methods

Deposits  Fees Transfer Time
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) Free Instant
PayPal Free Instant
Apple Pay Free Instant
Withdrawal Fees Transfer Time
Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)  $1.50 charge for withdrawals below $10  4 to 6 weeks
PayPal $1.50 charge for withdrawals below $10  4 to 6 weeks
Mailed Paper Check $1.50 charge for withdrawals below $10  4 to 6 weeks

Skillz Games payout review

From Skillz games reviews, you can successfully withdraw your funds if your account is verified and you request a payout. Payouts sometimes take a while to get delivered by mail or any other preferred payment method. 

Your payment is processed via the same deposit method if you withdraw up to the amount deposited. However, if you’re withdrawing above the deposited amount, your payment is sent via a paper check to your mailing address in the United States. 

Does Skillz Games really pay?

Skillz Games pays you real cash won from tournaments directly to your preferred withdrawal method. 

How to cash out on Skillz Games

You can cash out on Skillz Games by applying for withdrawals when you win tournaments. Every competitive game you play improves your skills and chances of winning money. 

Skillz Games withdrawal

To withdraw your winnings, select “Withdrawal” from the main menu, select the amount you want to withdraw and apply. From Skillz Games reviews, withdrawals are usually processed within 4 to 6 weeks.

Games at Skillz Games

Skillz Games portray its understanding of diversity through its various games. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping games like Bubble Shooter, or popular classics like Solitaire Cube, Skillz has you covered. Some of the developers partnered with Skillz Games are:

  1. Tether Studios – Creator of Solitaire Cube. 
  2. Outplay Studios – Creators of Bubble Shooter. 
  3. Play Mechanix – Developed Big Buck Hunter game. 
  4. Flyclops – Developers of Domino.

Does Skillz Games have an app?

Skillz Games have applications for both Android and iOS devices, and you can access the download links for the games on their website. 

Skillz Games customer support

They can be contacted by phone at 1- (877) 639-7133, through their email address:, or via mail at 1061 Market Street, 6th Floor San Francisco, CA 94103. Skillz Games reviews have shown that customer support always responds to players’ complaints and provides quick solutions. 

Website design

The Skillz Games website is designed with vibrant colors and a clear visual hierarchy making it accessible and easy to navigate. You can find quick links to navigate anywhere at the top bar menu or the website’s footer. 

All the information you need is on relevant pages such as the “About Us” and “Contact Us” Pages. A few Skillz Games reviews are available on the website’s homepage for new players to read before making any commitments. 

Who owns Skillz Games?

Skillz Games is Co-owned by Andrew Paradise and Casey Chafkin. They founded the platform in 2012 under the name Lookout Gaming. 

How to delete Skillz Games account?

To delete your SKillz Games account: 

  1. Go to the help center in the main menu and click on it. 
  2. Click on “contact us”. 
  3. Select “ Disable Account”. 

After deleting your account, you will lose access to your account and any funds you had before sending your request. From our research conducted on Skillz Games reviews, we found that deleted accounts can’t be recovered. 

Alternatives to Skillz Games

There are platforms similar to Skillz Games where you can participate in multiplayer tournaments. Their rules and policies are different, but they all offer the same service: providing games and tasks for players. operates legally in the United States and houses over one thousand free-to-play casino games. Like Skillz, they have tournaments where you can win prizes. You can get a 5% Rakeback on losses when you use our promo code SWEEPSCASH offers daily bonuses of 10,000 gold coins, 1 Stake cash, and opportunities to participate in daily promotions like slot battles, high-roller races, or Stake cash giveaways. 

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is one of the best social betting websites where you can win redeemable coins and play free games without risking real cash. It operates on sweepstake casinos.

Malta Gaming Authority licenses Chumba Casino, which is free to play, and gives welcome bonuses to players. However, they only have a limited number of games and do not provide practice games. is an online social casino platform where you can play various games to win virtual currency. The platform does not offer real cash prizes for tournaments. They give a welcome bonus of up to 200,000 virtual credits on registration, free bonus bingo, daily free spins, and free credits every four hours. 

The site is secured with up-to-date SSL encryption that keeps your information safe when depositing real money to buy virtual currency. They currently do not have a mobile app but have an accessible website with easy navigation. 

How to choose your perfect Skillz Games

Here are key factors to look out for when selecting a Skillz Game to play: 

Game selection

The first thing to consider is the game genre you’re looking for. Skillz Games have a variety of categories like action, arcade, board games, card games, and many others.

Cash prizes

Skillz Games cash prizes vary with the game you’re playing, which means the more cash you can win from a game, the more challenging the competition. Gauge your skill and level of competitiveness before choosing a game. Some games with big cash payouts include:

  1. Blackout Bingo
  2. Solitaire Cube
  3. Dominoes Cube
  4. Pool Payday
  5. Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

Offers and free sweeps

Although they do not provide free sweeps, the bonuses offered by Skillz Games are generally the same; you get rewarded for deposits and referrals.

Is an app available?

Another factor to consider is to check if the game you want to play has a mobile app suitable for your device, as only some games support all types of phones.

Best sweepstakes deal

Sweepstakes deals and promotions come in different forms, and they exist to draw players to check out various sweepstakes casinos. There are sweepstakes login bonuses, sweepstakes free spins, and many others. They are all provided to grant players a headstart in their journey. 

Sweepstakes free spins

Players can participate in sweepstakes competitions without investing real money, thanks to sweepstakes free spins. Gold coins and sweep coins are currently used in sweepstakes. Sweep coins are used to play in sweep slot competitions and can be exchanged for real money, while Gold coins are just used for fun and have no real-world value. 

Best sweepstakes apps

There are six best sweepstakes apps available, and they all offer different bonuses and promotions. They are; 

  • Chumba Casino – Gives the biggest welcome bonus. 
  • Luckyland – Gives the best seasonal promotions. 
  • Pulsz – Gives the best slot promotions. 
  • Fortune Coins – Has the best giveaways. 
  • Stake Casino – Provides the most friendly experience. 
  • Betrivers – Has the widest variety of games. 

Sweepstakes slots

Like all other sweepstakes gambling machines, sweepstakes slots operate similarly. They employ two virtual currencies, one of which may be exchanged for cash rewards, and the other is used only for pleasure. Sweepstakes machines allow gamers to enter contests for free or buy entries on-site so they can enter their initial stakes.

Best online sweepstakes casinos

You can win prizes that can be redeemed for real money from Sweeps cash casinos. The best six sweeps casinos mentioned earlier all have a prize offer for players. Sweeps social casino games provide two major options to prizes. 

It is important to ensure that the platform you play on is legal in your country of residence. Information about an online casino’s license and legal policies is a must-know for you as a player. Before making any commitments and depositing funds, ensure you have proper information about the online casino you patronize. 

Sweepstakes gambling

There are thousands of sweepstakes gambling machines available in different online casinos. If you’re looking for the best sweepstakes gambling deals, there are a few platforms to consider. They all have different bonus offers; some pay out real cash prizes. 


In this Skillz Games review we have shown that it is a legal platform where you can play mobile games anywhere and potentially win a lot of money. If gaming competitions are your thing, you can get involved in their paid tournaments. 

You can become a top winner by concentrating on mastering one particular game, but it is also important to play responsibly. Skillz offers many bonus opportunities and matches you with other players within your skill level, increasing your chances of winning cash prizes.

Skillz Games reviews FAQs

🤔 How do I get bonuses on Skillz Games?

Although there are no welcome or login bonuses on Skillz Games, they created other opportunities to win free cash. You can get huge cash rewards from two major activities.

🧐 Is Skillz Games legit?

Skillz Games is legit and not a scam. However, winning games or huge cash prizes can take much work. From Skillz Games reviews, there is only one way around this.

📱 Does Skillz Games have an app?

Skillz Games have mobile device apps available for Android and iOS users. The apps can be downloaded from stores or direct links from the Skillz website.

🤑 Can I win real money on Skillz Games?

Yes, you can win real cash from Skillz Games; from Skillz Games reviews. However, it is possible to play Skillz Games without real cash.

😁 Is Skillz Games free to download?

Skillz app, their website, and all the Skillz games are free to download on Android or iOS devices. However, you might incur some monetary charges for some activities.

Receive bonus cash prizes when you deposit funds into your Skillz Games account

Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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