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Play Wheel on Stake.US today! Use Free Gold Coins February 2024

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If you are a fan of roulette or the popular TV quiz show Wheel of Fortune, then you are going to absolutely love playing Wheel. It has been one of the most popular Stake Original games for several years. Social casino players love its simplicity and user friendly gameplay. 

If you are yet to give Wheel a spin, you have come to exactly the right place. Our article will explain how you can play Wheel and give you some expert tips for getting hold of free Gold Coins to use on the game. 

Playing Wheel: The basics

Imagine the game of roulette, only with very basic graphics and the ability to change the size of the segments. That is essentially the game of Wheel in a nutshell. In simple terms, you spin a wheel, and if it finishes on a segment you have selected, you are a winner. Easy right?

Unlike roulette, Wheel does not display any numbers. Instead, the wheel comprises different colors. Some parts of the wheel are grey, which means that they do not give you a win. The other parts of the wheel are divided into different colors and different sized segments. If the wheel lands on one of those colored segments, you win a multiplier of your bet. The size of your multiplier relates to the size of the segment.

You are in control

If you have played Limbo on or tried any of the other Stake Originals, you will know that likes to give you a great degree of control over your gameplay. In the case of Wheel, you can alter the number of segments on the wheel, as well as the level of risk attached to your spin.

You can customize your wheel by selecting a risk level of low, medium or high. As you would expect, the winning segments reduce when you increase your risk level. You can also adjust the number of segments on the wheel. Your options for this are 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. To make life even easier, you can see the multiplier attached to each selection on a graphic below the wheel. 

Play Wheel with free Gold Coins 

Now that you know how to play Wheel, it’s time to look at how you can fund your gameplay. As is a social casino, you don’t play Wheel with real money. Instead, you play games using Gold Coins. So what are Gold Coins at and how do you use them? 

The most important thing to say about Gold Coins is that they have no financial value at all. They are a virtual currency that is used purely for social casino play. 

You can use real money to purchase packages of Gold Coins. However, you do not necessarily need to make those purchases, as gives you plenty of opportunities to claim Gold Coins entirely free of charge. 

Daily Reload

The easiest way of getting hold of free Gold Coins is to simply log in to your account every day. So even if you have no intention of playing any games at, it is still recommended that you access your account once a day to claim your free Gold Coins.

Daily Race

The promo page on the website is full of fantastic opportunities to land free Gold Coins. One of the best offers is the Daily Race. Every day, rewards the top 100 players on the site with free Gold Coins. And the best thing about the Daily Race is that all games on the site qualify for the offer. This means that you can play HiLo at, try out another Stake Original, or try a class online slot, and all of your gameplay will count towards the Daily Race. 

Weekly Giveaways

Another great offer that allows you to play any game at Stake is the Weekly Giveaway. This is a prize draw that takes place every Saturday at 10 am EDT and sees five players win a share of 25,000,000 Gold Coins. You gain one entry into the prize draw for every 1,000 Gold Coins you play during the week. 


We can highly recommend that you follow on both Twitter and Facebook. This is because there are regular opportunities to win free Gold Coins on both channels. It is also advisable to regularly read our expert articles on Not only do these articles contain top tips on how to claim free Gold Coins, but they also cover key topics such as ‘Does have an app?’ and how to play certain games. 

Conclusion – Time to spin the Wheel

For social casino players looking to kick back and relax with a simple, but fun game, Wheel represents a very attractive choice. And because you have such a large degree of control over your spins, you can adjust your risk level to perfectly suit your preferred style. Enjoy!

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a veteran in the online casino industry, with over a decade of experience. He is an expert on the subject, and has written extensively about it. Michael enjoys playing casino games himself, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his experience.

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