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Play Limbo on Stake.US today! Use Free Gold Coins (February 2024)

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Much like the famous dance it shares a name with, the Stake Original game of Limbo is simple to understand, but much trickier to successfully complete. And the similarities do not end there – both games need a solid strategy and a large amount of flexibility.

To help you succeed at Limbo, we have bent over backwards to put together an essential guide to the game. It outlines exactly how to play the game, and gives you some expert tips for putting together a winning strategy. 

Getting started

Before you can begin to play Limbo, you need to open a account. Luckily, this is a very easy process that starts by simply visiting the website. Just fill in the short registration form, submit your name and address identification, and as soon as Stake have verified your account, you’re good to go.

To make the start of your adventure even easier, you will be given free Gold Coins and Sweeps Cash, enabling you to try out the games on the site. You can even take your gameplay to another level by upgrading to a premium account.

The basics

Now you’re ready to play Limbo, it’s time to explain exactly how the game works. The good news is that Limbo has an extremely basic premise. You have to set a Target Multiplier of between 1.01x and 1,000,000x and select your stake. The software then generates a random multiplier. If that multiplier is the same as or more than your Target Multiplier, you win your stake, multiplied by the value of your multiplier. 

For example, you set your Target Multiplier at 2.0x with a stake of 1 Gold Coin. The random multiplier comes out at 5.0x. This means you win 2 Gold Coins as you have successfully predicted a multiplier lower than the random multiplier. If the random multiplier had been less than 2.0x you would lose your stake. 

Set your strategy

Although Limbo is based on luck and you cannot exchange Gold Coins for cash in the casino, it is still advisable to formulate a strategy before you begin playing. This involves carefully considering how many Gold Coins you are willing to play on each game and the largest overall loss you would be comfortable with. 

If you want to play it safe, you should set low multipliers (2.5 or below) and use small stakes. This will give you a steady flow of wins and minimise your variance. 

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can go for higher multipliers. However, this approach could result in a long losing run and means you are even more reliant on luck.

Tips and tricks

Limbo might be a simple game with simple strategies, but that does not mean you cannot improve your chances of success. Here are a few little tips to help you on your way.

Assess your chances

A useful feature of many Stake Originals is that they allow you to see your chances of winning. The Win Chance box next to where you set your Target Multiplier is a very useful tool in helping you select a multiplier that fits in with your strategy. For instance, if you pick the lowest Target Multiplier, your chances of winning are higher than 98%, but your winning amounts will be very small. 

Watch the experts video streamers can give you some fantastic tips for playing Stake Originals. Whilst Limbo is yet to receive the same level of streaming attention as games like Plinko, there are still a number of creators out there on Twitch and YouTube, making streams full of Limbo strategy tips.

Get your free Gold Coins can give you a steady supply of free Gold Coins. There are daily bonuses, regular social media contests and a number of onsite promotions. Don’t forget to check out the promotions page on the website, not only will this give you the latest promos, but it will also explain key information such as how to meet cash rollover requirements

Conclusion – Limbo time

It’s hard to think of how the game of Limbo could be any easier to play. Set your stake, choose your Target Multiplier and away you go. But before you do that, make sure you take the time to fully formulate your game strategy, and work out your ideal approach to the game. 
Of course, Limbo is not the only game available on the site. You can also try out a range of other Stake Originals, or play popular games such as blackjack on the casino site. Don’t forget to read our expert articles on games to give yourself the best possible chance of a successful experience.

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a veteran in the online casino industry, with over a decade of experience. He is an expert on the subject, and has written extensively about it. Michael enjoys playing casino games himself, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his experience.

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