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Play Dice on today! Use Free Gold Coins (September 2023)

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Dice is one of a range of Stake Originals that provide a different but no less enjoyable experience than playing slots or more conventional table games like roulette or blackjack.

These games have a high RTP percentage and are very popular as they are quick to get to grips with, and even quicker to play.

Dice can be loaded up and played in a matter of moments. But, by taking a closer look you will find that there is much more there that will allow you to get more from the game and tailor it exactly to your needs.

How Dice at works

The principles of Dice are very basic, but that does not mean you will tire of it easily. You can play with either Gold Coins or Stake Cash, so ensure you claim casino cash through the daily bonus before you start. The outcome of any game is decided by the roll of a 100-sided die and you need to predict which number is going to turn up. You don’t have to be precise; instead, you use a slider that you move between 1 and 100 to show the range of numbers you wish to cover.

For example, you could move the slider to 30 to show that you are covering numbers to 30. This, as you can probably work out, will give a winning chance of 30%. As you would expect, the lower your chance of winning, the higher the multiplier for your chosen stake – in this case 3.3. To use a different example, if you moved the slider to 90 to cover numbers 1 to 90, your chance of winning would be up to 90%, but the multiplier for your stake, if successful, would sit at just 1.1.

By adjusting the slider, you can tailor the game to your preferred level of risk, and see how the game plays out over the first few rolls. This won’t take long at all as the game is very quick to play, and you might quickly see ways to develop your own strategy.

Playing Dice at

Once you see the possibilities here, you might well choose to examine the game more closely. The screen in front of you displays the slider, and underneath you will see the multiplier for your current setting, what your current setting is, and your chance of winning. You then have the box to enter your stake and the indicator of whether you happen to be playing with GC or SC. 

Under the big green ‘Play’ button you will also see your net gain, which will tell you how many SC or GC you will win if you are successful. This is the setup for playing in manual mode, but beneath all of these features, you will see there is an option to play in automatic mode.

Playing Dice in automatic mode

Playing in automatic does not just mean you don’t have to keep hitting the ‘play’ button, but it also opens up another range of possibilities for you. When you choose auto mode, more options will appear in front of you. These are similar options to the ones you will see if you play Crash on in auto mode, and you can select the number of games you want it to play on your behalf, and you can also fine-tune any strategy you might be working on. You can choose to adjust your stake by a given percentage should you win or lose, and there is also the option to halt proceedings should your winnings or losses reach a certain point.

With all of this setup, you can let the game run for as long as you choose. It also allows you to set your risk at a low level, so you win small amounts but lose infrequently. This strategy also means you will have a much larger turnover of coins, which is significant as your VIP club tier and entry into promotions are measured by the amount of gameplay. So, you could enjoy more benefits of the VIP program as this will potentially boost your ranking, depending on your stakes and whether you choose to play with GC or SC.

Conclusion – Dice is a quick-to-play game for all types of players

Dice is a game that might reinvigorate your interest in table games, as it provides something entirely different from conventional games like blackjack or even roulette. It may even tempt you to come back after you have spent time away, so you might have to learn how to reactivate your account before you can get started. Once you are in, however, you can be started in a matter of moments and then tailor the game to match your playing style and enjoy the many benefits of this quick-to-play, intriguing game.

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a veteran in the online casino industry, with over a decade of experience. He is an expert on the subject, and has written extensively about it. Michael enjoys playing casino games himself, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his experience.

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