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Play Crash on Stake.US today! Use Free Gold Coins (February 2024)

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Playing slots and conventional table games at is a great experience, but is not all has to offer on its wide and varied games roster. You will also find a range of Stake Originals that contains many games that are simple and quick to play, have a very high RTP percentage and you can get to grips with almost immediately.

You will also find that these games can be very intriguing, so once you are familiar with what is going on, you can develop your own strategies and tailor these games to play according to your own level of risk. The best place for you to start is with Crash, which is very loosely based on activity at the stock exchange.

Playing Crash at

Before you get started, you might be wondering where is casino legal, and if you can play it in your state. is available in 45 out of 50 states with just New York, Washington, Idaho, Kentucky, and Michigan missing out. 

You might be a little concerned, however, that you might be out of your depth with a game based on any sort of financial market, but that is a very basic comparison and you don’t need any trading experience to play. When you select Crash from the Stake Originals section, you will see a simple graph with a diagonally ascending line. This is supposed to illustrate a financial market gaining in value, with the idea of the game being to cash out before the market crashes

In very basic terms, the longer you leave it before cashing out, the higher the multiplier applied to your stake grows. Leaving it too late, as with real financial markets, will mean you are still in play when the market crashes and you lose your entire stake. The crash happens randomly, so you can tailor your cashout point in line with a level of risk you are comfortable with.

Getting the most from Crash at

You can do this by altering the values in the boxes underneath the graph. One is where you enter your stake, and the other is where you enter your cashout point. If you are unsure where to start, you can also see what the other active players in that game are doing, with their stake and cashout point displayed as it is reached.

Once you have decided on your best way forward, you can switch the game into auto mode, and sit back and watch your balance rise and fall. A new game of Crash starts several times a minute, so this also means you do not have to rush to place your stake and miss out on games. 

As with all the slots and table games at, you can play Crash with both types of virtiual coin. These are Gold Coins, which are often referred to as GC and  and Stake Cash, which you will also see shortened to SC If you have ambitions of winning a cash prize then you should also check out how to claim cash so you can top up your balance before playing.

Benefits of playing Crash at

Apart from the enjoyment of playing and the challenge of working on your own strategy, there are other benefits to playing Crash. With an RTP percentage of 99%, you will get a lot of value from whichever type of coin you choose. You could choose to play on auto and set your cashout point to be quite low, where you theoretically have plenty of small wins and very few losses. This won’t necessarily mean you will come out on top every day, but you will have a massive turnover of coins. 

As many of the promotions at are based on your level of gameplay this turnover of coins could mean you enjoy more benefits of the stake casino VIP program by climbing through the levels a little quicker than you might otherwise have done. Of course, this will also depend on your choice of stake and coin.

This is not the only Stake Original you could use in this way, as you can also play Mines at Stake in automatic mode as well as others like Dice and HiLo. These are also games that are quick to play and have a high RTP percentage.

Conclusion – Playing Crash at has multiple benefits

The main reason for playing Crash is for enjoyment, but as you have seen, there is more to it than meets the eye. At first glance, it might seem overly simple, but on closer examination, there is the potential to develop your own strategies for play, especially if you have designs on winning a cash prize or improving your position in the VIP Club. Crash is one of many games of this type, so is worth checking out for any player who wants to try something other than slots, roulette, or blackjack.

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Michael Harris is a veteran in the online casino industry, with over a decade of experience. He is an expert on the subject, and has written extensively about it. Michael enjoys playing casino games himself, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his experience.

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