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How to Claim Your Stake Cash? February 2024

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Claiming more Stake Cash is vitally important if you have any plans of winning a cash prize at There are several ways of doing this and by making the most of them you should be able to accumulate more Stake Cash, which, once certain conditions are met will become redeemable.

To be able to do this, however, you will first need to know a little more about how and the types of coins it uses work. From there, you need to look at the available methods for topping up your SC balance to find the one that fits your playing style and game preference.

What is Stake Cash?

Stake Cash is a virtual coin used at a sweepstakes casino. It is one of the two types of coins used, each serving a slightly different purpose. Gold Coins are there purely for enjoyment and are used on various slots and table games in standard mode. You can also play these games in premium mode with Stake Cash, and these are the coins you are looking to claim more of if you have your eye on a cash prize.

It is this virtual coin arrangement that makes available in so many states where you cannot play for real money. From there, the next question is where is legal? and the answer is that it is legal in most states across the country with just Washington, New York, Idaho, Kentucky, and Michigan missing out due to local legislation. So in the other 45 states, you have the chance to play for free and win cash prizes if you accumulate enough Stake Cash.

Claiming Stake Cash from bonuses and promotions

The easiest way to get more Stake Cash is from your daily bonus, so you might want to start there. The daily bonus is what you receive each day from just logging in and you should be gifted plenty of  GC and also an SC. While this is easy to do, it won’t get you that much extra  Stake Cash, so you might also want to look at the various promotions available on the site to build your balance much faster. 

If you look at the promotions available at, you will see that there are several running at any one time. Some have massive hauls of GC as their prizes, but the biggest promotion is the one that has Stake Cash as part of the main prize. The 25K Stake Cash Giveaway is drawn each week, with five players who meet the qualifying criteria receiving 5000 SC each. 

Free Stake Cash with coin packs

While you cannot buy Stake Cash directly, you are given some as a free gift if you buy a Gold Coin package. How many you get will vary according to the size of the package, but as a general rule of thumb, every dollar spent on GC will get you 1 SC free. So a $20 package with 20,000 or more GC is likely to have 20 SC as a free gift. This is okay if you are intending on buying coin packs, but if you are intending to stay strictly free-to-play; there is a way to get more SC from the moment you register.

Getting more Stake Cash from the rakeback offer

Rakeback is where you get some of the house edge credited back to your account, and if you play using SC, then you will be able to claim more SC this way using the bonus offer.  

If this has you wondering – what is the bonus? then you should be aware of the exclusive offer that gets you a 5% rakeback bonus if you enter code SWEEPCASH when you register.

Other ways of claiming more Stake Cash

You can also get more Stake Cash by simply writing in and asking for some. This request will need to be handwritten and contain the information specified in the T&Cs, but once received and verified, you will receive an additional 5 Stake Cash credited to your account.

You can also get Stake Cash each week or month as benefits of the VIP program, although that will depend on your status within the program and your level of gameplay.

Conclusion – knowing how to claim extra Stake Cash could move you closer to a cash prize

If you have the goal of redeeming Stake Cash for a cash prize, then knowing all of the extra ways to get more Stake Cash is a good place to start. As well as winning more by playing Mines at or any of the other table games or slots, there are others to consider – some of which, like mailing in a request you would not have heard of before. 

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a veteran in the online casino industry, with over a decade of experience. He is an expert on the subject, and has written extensively about it. Michael enjoys playing casino games himself, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his experience.

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