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Exchanging Gold coins for Stake Cash on Stake.US. Can you convert GC to SC or redeem GC?(September 2023)

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As a premium sweepstakes casino, operates using two different types of virtual coins. Players can use these to enjoy a range of slots and table games, and even some live dealer options. However, anyone who has played at any sweepstakes casino will have noticed the disparity between the availability of Gold Coins and SC.

So, some questions need to be asked, foremost among them is whether GC can be converted into SC, or if GC can be redeemed or cashed out. To find the answer, you will have to look at the way that operates, and if there are any other methods of getting more SC.

Can you convert GC to SC or redeem GC?

The whole premise that sweepstakes casino is built on the fact that there are two entirely different coins in play. The first of these is the Gold Coin, which is more abundant than Stake Cash (SC). You can use either type of coin to play Crash at, or any of the other available games, but the outcomes are very different. Play with GC and you can win more GC to play with. They have no value outside of, and unfortunately cannot be redeemed or used for anything else other than entertainment. 

This also excludes the option to trade them in for SC, which might come as a disappointment as you might want to increase your SC balance to play games with the intention of claiming a cash prize. However, there are other ways to get more SC that does not involve trading in any of your GCs.

Other ways to increase your SC balance

Before you try out any of these methods, you will need to have an active account, so you will need to register or at least find out how to reactivate your account if you haven’t used it in a while. Once inside you will see the first and easiest method – your daily bonus, which you get for simply logging in each day. While this is almost effortless, the number of SC you get this way will be quite small, so you need to look at other methods as well.

Buying packs of GC

This is the next easiest method, although there is a financial cost involved. While are very clear about the fact that you cannot buy more Stake Cash, you can get some for free when you buy GC. These can be purchased in bundles, which grow in size the more you pay. One example might be that you buy a bundle of 20,000 or more GC for $20, and you get 20 free SC, whereas $50 might get you 50,000 GC and 50 free SC. You will have to check the site, however, for the latest deals as there are sometimes offers.

Promotions and VIP benefits

You will also find that SC can be won in many of the promotions that seem to run on an almost continual basis. You might think that you would need to find out how to get a premium account to access all of these, but that is not necessary. You simply play as you normally would and that gameplay will enter you into various draws, one of which could see you get a share of 25K SC

There can also be SC credited to your account as part of the weekly or monthly bonuses from the VIP club, but how many you get will depend on your status and level of gameplay. Clearly the higher up you are the greater the bonuses you will receive, so look into the benefits of the VIP Club a little more closely to see what you can do to improve your status. 

Mailing in a request

This might seem unusual but is 100% legit. You can send a handwritten request to, containing the details required in the T&Cs, and once received and verified, you will find an extra 5 SC credited to your account. This is perhaps the most labor-intensive of the methods, but will still be worth the bother if you are after more SC.

Conclusion – you can still add to your SC balance without needing to redeem GC

If you were looking for more SC to play Dice at casino or any of the other games, the bad news is you can’t do it by redeeming or trading in GC. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of ways to get more GC, most of which are low effort and some only involve playing your favorite games, which is something you will be doing already.

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