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What are the benefits of the Stake.Us VIP program?

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There are a number of benefits to playing at, which is why it is so highly rated by so many players across the country. This is due in no small part to the availability of some high-level features that you would not usually associate with a sweepstakes casino.

The first of these is the inclusion of a selection of live table games, but what really sets apart from the crowd is the quality of the VIP Club. This is something every player needs to fully appreciate, and you can only do that by taking a closer look at everything that it offers.

The VIP Club

First of all, you need to be aware that the VIP Club also doubles ably as a rewards program, so is not just there as an extra benefit for high rollers. Regular players are still able to get rewards at the lower levels – so everyone should be aware of how it works so they can benefit too.

Before you can join the VIP Club, you will of course have to register, which is a simple process where you can claim your welcome bonus. If you are wondering what the bonus is – an exclusive offer is available if you enter the code SWEEPCASH that gets you a 5% rakeback on your losses, which are then credited to your account.

This is important to know because as soon as you complete this registration process you are automatically enrolled in the VIP Club. It works for all players, as just playing Gates of Olympus slot on or any of the other slots or table games counts towards your status in the program. As you progress you will rise through the tiers and unlock further bonuses and benefits. This will include daily, weekly, and monthly benefits which will, of course, increase as you rise through the levels. VIP Club levels

If you are considering joining, you might be wondering where Stake casino is legal in the US? Well, you can play anywhere except Washington, New York, Idaho, Kentucky, and Michigan – so in many states where real money casinos are not available. Like the VIP club or rewards program you might find at one of those real money casinos, there are several levels to the program. You start at Bronze automatically and can progress through to Diamond:


Here you get weekly and monthly bonuses, plus a bonus if you go up a level. If you don’t progress any further than this, there is still plenty on offer for you.


Those same benefits are increased as you progress to the next level, allowing you to play more and increase your status even further.


Here again, the weekly and monthly rewards go up a notch, so you will have large bonuses landing regularly in your account.

Platinum levels 1-3

There are several platinum levels, and here is where the daily reload bonuses start in addition to the weekly and monthly bonuses – so you will have something extra waiting for you as you log in each day.

Platinum levels 4-6 

Here things progress further still, and the long list of benefits now includes your own VIP host who will help to fix any problems you come across while playing.


This is currently the top level and as well as a very hefty level-up bonus, your VIP host will now be tailoring bespoke benefits to your gaming style so you will be receiving exclusive rewards in addition to the benefits from all the other levels.

Progress through the levels with increased gameplay

As you progress through these levels via your gameplay, targetting games with a high RTP percentage will help you get more points in the program early on. There are several Stake Original games that are quick to play, have an RTP of 99%, and can be set to play automatically.

For instance, you can play Mines at in this mode, with presets to adjust stakes if you win or lose, and only stop when you reach a predetermined win or loss level. You will be playing with a lot of the virtual coins used at when you do this, all of which will count toward your VIP Status. Of course, playing with SC will see you progress much faster, but it is a tactic you can use to get things off to a solid start.

Conclusion – The VIP Club rewards players of all types

You might think that VIP clubs are only for players who play with high stakes all of the time. That might be true in some operations, but has something for everyone. Automatic enrolment unlocks rewards from day one, so you have something to look forward to, even if you are not buying packs of coins every day.

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